Moab, Utah

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Arches QuarterArches Quarter (10/20/2016) I found an Arches quarter in the gutter. It reminded me that I have not been to Moab for over a decade. It really makes me sad. This is the first picture I've taken of an arch since 2002.

Moab Main StreetMoab Main Street (09/28/2004) Moab Main Street in moonlight.

Bike ShopBike Shop (09/28/2004) Moab is clearly the mountain biking capital of the United States.

Moab Main StreetMoab Main Street (09/28/2004) Moab in the morning.

Main Street MoabMain Street Moab (09/28/2004)

Main Street MoabMain Street Moab (09/28/2004)

Moab in the MorningMoab in the Morning (09/28/2004) Moab in the morning.

Eddie McStiffsEddie McStiffs (09/28/2004) A popular place for a pint in Moab.

McStiff s PlazaMcStiff s Plaza (09/28/2004)

Apache HotelApache Hotel (09/28/2004)

ZaxZax (09/28/2004) Zax Restaurant in downtown Moab, Utah.

WagonWagon (09/28/2004) Wagon parked at the entrance to a Moab shop.

Moab UndergroundMoab Underground (09/28/2004) Moab has an extensive trail way. This path leads under Main.

Moab WalkwaysMoab Walkways (09/28/2004) Moab has a bright, shiny new system of paved walk ways through the town. This is near the Main Street underpass.

Trail SystemTrail System (09/28/2004) The Moab Trail system provides winds around through town providing an alternative to motor vehicles.

BridgeBridge (09/28/2004) There are several bridges adding character to the trail system.

Moab TrailMoab Trail (09/28/2004) The paved trail system winds its way through town neighborhoods.

UnderpassUnderpass (09/28/2004) You have a choice of the underpass or crossing the street. Crossing the street is wise when the underpass is flooded.

Moab Civic CenterMoab Civic Center (09/28/2004) The Moab Bike Trails lead past the Civic Center.

Moab Civic CenterMoab Civic Center (09/28/2004) The Civic Center in the morning sun.

138 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-138

Moab, Utah

Moab is a resort community in South Eastern Utah. The town is adjacent to the Colorado River and has easy access to Arches, Canyonlands and Natural Bridges National Parks as well as access to a wealth of BLM, State Parks and other national treasures. My Moab Tumblr blog includes hundreds of pictures of Moab from multiple photographers.

If you are planning a trip to Southern Utah, I strongly suggest staying in Moab proper. While there is a growning number of parks, camps and condos being built up on the outskirts of town, the town of Moab itself has a great deal to offer. The people of this community have thrown a great deal of effort into making a place that visitors will enjoy staying.

The town is pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Moab is crisscrossed with a network of biking and hiking trails. There are public parks with xylophones and fun instruments, and the trails sport a variety of artworks and historical exhibits. The end result of all this effort is that you have a wonderful compact arts town that is pedestrian friendly.

You can park your car in the motel and walk to a wealth of quality restaurants, museum exhibits, galleries and pubs. Staying in town helps fight the suburban sprawl that can kill the scenic value of this area. I really think you will have a fun time parking the car and staying in town.


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Arches National Park (151 pictures) Arches National Park is just north of Moab.

Grand Junction, Colorado (95 pictures) Grand Junction is the nearest metropolitan location.

Colorado River (96 pictures) Moab is adjacent to the Colorado River.

Utah State (51 pictures) Moab is a resort community in South Eastern, Utah.

Moab's Mill Creek Canyon (47 pictures) Mill Creek Canyon is a popular hike southeast of Moab.

Granstaff Canyon (14 pictures) This is a popular hike North of Moab.

Sand Flats Recreation Area (81 pictures) Sand Flats Recreation Area is southeast of Moab. It is the home of the Slickrock and Porcupine Rim Trail.

Slickrock Trail (34 pictures) Pictures from the famous Slickrock Trail near Moab.


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