Helper, Utah

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Helper City HallHelper City Hall (09/28/2004) City Hall in Helper, Utah.

Helper CafeHelper Cafe (09/28/2004) Eating establishment in downtown Helper, Utah.

Helper, UtahHelper, Utah (09/28/2004) Downtown Helper, Utah.

Helper Fire DepartmentHelper Fire Department (09/28/2004) The new fire station in downtown Helper, Utah.

Helper, UtahHelper, Utah (09/28/2004) Downtown Helper, Utah.

Helper Amtrax StationHelper Amtrax Station (09/28/2004) The Amtrax Station in downtown Helper. You can get a drink of water while you wait for the train.

AmtrakAmtrak (09/28/2004) Amtrak Station in downtown Helper.

Downtown HelperDowntown Helper (09/28/2004) Looking toward the Helper Museum.

Downtown HelperDowntown Helper (09/28/2004) Downtown Helper with Balanced Rock in the distance.

Train StationTrain Station (09/28/2004) Helper is still an active train station.

Helper TrainsHelper Trains (09/28/2004) Trains in Helper, Utah.

Helper VistaHelper Vista (09/28/2004) Trains and the desert define Helper. My guess is that the distant mountains are newer formations such as the Morrison and Dakota...but don't quote me.

Helper Rail YardHelper Rail Yard (09/28/2004) The rail yard in Helper, Utah

Helper, UtahHelper, Utah (09/28/2004) This picture emphasizes the terraine of Helper...which happens to be in a small valley.

La Salle HotelLa Salle Hotel (09/28/2004) The town of Helper is crowded around the railroad station.

Helper MusuemHelper Musuem (09/28/2004) The Railroad and Mining Museum in Helper has several floors of displays.

Helper, UtahHelper, Utah (09/28/2004) Downtown Helper, Utah.

Missing SockMissing Sock (09/28/2004) Helper is developing a reputation as an ecletic art town with shops such as the Missing Sock.

Balanced RockBalanced Rock (09/28/2004) Downtown Helper, Utah ... with balanced rock on the horizon.

Gateway LanesGateway Lanes (09/28/2004) A town isn't complete without a bowling lane.

33 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-33

Helper, Utah

Helper, Utah is a mining town on the eastern slope of the Wasatch Mountains in Central Utah. Helper is most noted for its Western Mining and Railroad Museum which is a must see stop for anyone interested in the history of the west.

Like many railroad towns, Helper fell into a state of disrepair for several decades. Located in an ideal location at the mouth of the Price River Canyon, the town has been undergoing a renaissance as an arts and crafts center.

Mister Art

Context: Towns-Utah

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) Helper is nestled between the southern end of the Wasatch Mountains and the San Rafael Swell.

San Rafael Swell (18 pictures) Helper is north of the San Rafael Swell.

Utah State (53 pictures) Helper is in Central Utah.

Price, Utah (13 pictures) Price is due South of Helper.

Highway US 6 (10 pictures) US6 runs through Helper, Utah on its transcontinental trek.


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