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Union StationUnion Station (04/30/2008) I am standing on the Front Runner loading area looking South toward the historic Union Station.

The FrontRunnerThe FrontRunner (04/30/2008) The FrontRunner is a new double decker commuter rail that serves Salt Lake City and Ogden.

Union StationUnion Station (04/30/2008) Ogden's Union Station is on the South Side of the the 24th street bridge.

Intermodal HubIntermodal Hub (04/30/2008) The old train station was turned into a museum. The new intermodal hub is designed to move people between buses and trains.

French Gratitude Train, TheFrench Gratitude Train, The (04/30/2008) This railroad car sits on the corner of Union Station in Ogden.

Railroad Car DisplayRailroad Car Display (04/30/2008) Railroad cars on display at the Union Station in Ogden.

Historic 25thHistoric 25th (04/30/2008) Historic 25th offers an ecletic selection of coffee houses, restaurants, galleries and shops.

Trains on DisplayTrains on Display (04/30/2008) Trains on display at the Union Station in Ogden.

Union Pacific TrainUnion Pacific Train (04/30/2008) A train on display at the Union Pacific station in Ogden.

Union Station FountainUnion Station Fountain (08/15/2004) Fountain at Ogden's Union Station.

Water TowerWater Tower (08/15/2004) Water tower at Ogden's Union Station.

Train YardTrain Yard (08/15/2004) Historic Train Yard at Union Station.

Train YardTrain Yard (08/15/2004) You can examine different train cars at the Union Station Museum.

Utah CentralUtah Central (08/15/2004) On display at Ogden's Union Station.

Wheel WorksWheel Works (08/15/2004) Impressive wheel works on a locomotive.

Wheel WorksWheel Works (08/15/2004) You can examine the engineering of historic locomotives.

Olympic Torch RelayOlympic Torch Relay (08/15/2004) The train car from the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay adds a little old history to new history.

Mighty MachineMighty Machine (08/15/2004) Locomotive at the Union Station display.

Walk WayWalk Way (08/15/2004) A walk way...where people used to wait for the train.

Union StationUnion Station (08/15/2004) The front of Union Station (does the front of a train station face the trains or does it face the street? In the glory days, people would spend more time looking at this side of the station.

36 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-36

Ogden - Union Station

The historic Union Station in downtown Ogden has been converted into a museum complex with galleries, gift shops and restaurants. The station is just South of the new Ogden Intermodal Hub which is serviced by the FrontRunner Commuter Rail and a variety of buses and other transportation options.

The Union Station currently includes the Utah Railroad Museum. This museum includes both artifacts from America's rich railroading history along with several engines and railroad cars. The John M. Browning Arms Museum displays a selection of fire arms, and the Browning Kimball Classic Car Collection includes displays from the golden age of car manufacturing.

Union Station is a must see attraction in the heart of downtown Ogden, Utah. The station is at the end of Historic 25th Street section of Ogden which houses numerous craft stores and trendy cafes. Come to think of it, I should say that Union Station is at the beginning of the street. Ogden is a railroad town and the street is historic because the street was adjacent to the railway station.

The station displays many historic locamotives and houses a museum.

Ogden plays an important role in transportation history since it is the closest major station to promontory point...where the transcontinental railroad met.


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