Kolob Plateau

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Desert MesaDesert Mesa (05/27/2003)

Scenic RouteScenic Route (05/27/2003)

Winding RoadWinding Road (05/27/2003)

Navajo Sand StoneNavajo Sand Stone (05/27/2003) Navajo Sandstone in the northern portion of Zion National Park.

Scenic DriveScenic Drive (05/27/2003) The Kolob Road through the Kolob Plateau.

Kolob PlateauKolob Plateau (05/27/2003) The Kolob Plateau region of Zion Nation Park.

Kolob PlateauKolob Plateau (05/27/2003)

Kolob PlateauKolob Plateau (05/27/2003)

Navajo Sandstone FormationsNavajo Sandstone Formations (05/27/2003)

Kolob Peak???Kolob Peak??? (05/27/2003)

Kolob PlateauKolob Plateau (05/27/2003)

Kolob PlateauKolob Plateau (05/27/2003)

Sand Stone WallSand Stone Wall (05/27/2003) The Kolob road passes many interesting sandstone creations and walls. The area provides an interesting collection of high desert forests contrasted with desert formations.

Kolob ReservoirKolob Reservoir (05/27/2003)

Kolob ReservoirKolob Reservoir (05/27/2003)

Kolob ReservoirKolob Reservoir (05/27/2003) I am surprised we can see the lake in this picture...the mosquitos were so thick. I would have been sucked dry in 10 minutes if not for the car.

Mosquito SwarmMosquito Swarm (05/27/2003) A mosquito swarm by Kolob Reservoir.

Snow on RoadSnow on Road (05/27/2003) It is May and there is still snow on the road. Apparently this road is not passable year round.

Aspen ForestAspen Forest (05/27/2003) After the lake, the Kolob Road rises to an Aspen forest.

High CountryHigh Country (05/27/2003) The Kolob Road winds up into the high country. This is the source of the water in Zion Canyon.

Kolob RoadKolob Road (05/27/2003)

Erosion ControlErosion Control (05/27/2003) Old cars used for erosion control.

ContraptionContraption (05/27/2003)

Toward ZionToward Zion (05/27/2003)

Pink CliffsPink Cliffs (10/01/2006) Pink Cliffs viewed from State Road 14 near Cedar City, Utah.

Zion OverlookZion Overlook (10/01/2006) A telephoto view toward Zion Canyon from SR14 near Cedar Breaks. (Click picture for larger view).

1-26 Pictures

Kolob Plateau

The Kolob Road runs from Virgin, Utah through the Kolob Plateau Region of Zion National Park to Kolob reservoir. This scenic route interesting views of the top of the Navajo layer of sandstone and provides scenery that ranges from desolate deserts to Aspen groves in the high desert.


Context: Desert

Zion National Park (66 pictures) The Kolob Road runs through the Kolob Plateau in Zion National Park.

Utah State (53 pictures) This road is in Utah.

Hurricane Valley (14 pictures) The road runs north from Virgin, Utah into the high country.

Kolob Canyon (36 pictures) This gallery shows images from Kolob Canyon (near I15).

Navajo Lake (13 pictures) Navajo Lake is on the Aquarius Plateau North of the Kolob Plateau.

Cedar Canyon (23 pictures) The Kolob Plateau road joins S14.


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