Dimple Dell Park

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Dimple DellDimple Dell (09/05/2004) Dimple Dell Park on 1300 East 10000 South in Salt Lake City.

Into the ParkInto the Park (09/05/2004) The Dimple Dell Park Entrance at 1300 East in Sandy.

Dimple Dell TrailDimple Dell Trail (09/05/2004) Dimple Dell has several miles of trails.

CulvertCulvert (09/05/2004) The Dimple Dell trail leads through this culvert under 1300 East.

Dimple Dell CulvertDimple Dell Culvert (09/05/2004) The Dimple Dell Culvert under 1300 East. The culvert is tall enough for a horse. Though I am not sure how well horses would take to being led through a round hole.

Dimple Dell CulvertDimple Dell Culvert (09/05/2004) Inside the 1300 East Culvert at Dimple Dell Park.

Water WorksWater Works (09/05/2004) It appears that the water is diverted through this side channel...so the main culvert is dry.

Dimple Dell TrailDimple Dell Trail (09/05/2004) There is a large network of trails in the park.

Walking BridgeWalking Bridge (09/05/2004) This bridge spans the mighty Dimple Dell. Do not be taken back by the lack of water in the river. There are signs that water has actually flown through this area in the past.

Walking BridgeWalking Bridge (09/05/2004) The bridge and paved walkway through Dimple Dell park unite Sandy neighborhoods.

Swinging TreeSwinging Tree (09/05/2004) Children play on a swing on this tree standing over Dimple Dell.

Park BenchPark Bench (09/05/2004) A slanted park bench for those who are so inclined.

Swinging TreeSwinging Tree (09/05/2004) Children playing on a make shift swing.

Dimple Dell ParkDimple Dell Park (09/05/2004) Dimple Dell Park with Big Cottonwood Canyon in the distance.

Retaining WallRetaining Wall (09/05/2004) The houses overlooking the park have a variety of retaining walls to delay their slippage into the Dell.

Dimple DellDimple Dell (09/05/2004) The dell runs through sandy loose lake bottom soil. There are houses perched over the area.

Cliffs of SandCliffs of Sand (09/05/2004) Dimple Dell is composed of sandy lake bottom and desert soils.

HousesHouses (09/05/2004) Houses overlooking Dimple Dell.

Dimple DellDimple Dell (09/05/2004) Houses overlooking Dimple Dell. There is a brown furry creature running wild in the middle of the picture.

Retaining WallsRetaining Walls (09/05/2004) Dimple Dell it topped by a layer of suburban America held steadily in place with cement retaining walls.

48 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-48

Dimple Dell is a nature park in the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley near Sandy and Draper, Utah. The park stetches from the Sandy Civic Center station of Traxs toward Bells Canyon on Lone Peak Mountain. The park is a popular area for Salt Lake's equestrians.


Dimple Dell is part of the Salt Lake County Park System. The park is connected to various parks in Sandy City.

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UTA Trax (156 pictures) Dimple Dell meets Trax at the Sandy Civic Center stop.

Bells Canyon (21 pictures) Bells Canyon feeds into Dimple Dell.

Lone Peak (12 pictures) The park is at the base of Lone Peak in the Wasatch Mountains.

Sandy, Utah (150 pictures) Dimple Dell Park runs through Sandy City.

Salt Lake City (434 pictures) The Park is in the Salt Lake Valley.

State Street-Salt Lake City (250 pictures) You can access Dimple Dell Park from State Street at the Sandy Center Trax Station. Be sure to look both ways before crossing the train tracks.

Lone Peak Park (10 pictures) Lone Peak Park is south of Dimple Dell on 700 East.


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