Parley's Hollow

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I215 BridgeI215 Bridge (12/04/2013) This bridge crosses I215 and connects the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to Parleys Hollow.

I215 BridgeI215 Bridge (12/04/2013) This is the bridge over I215 viewed from the Suicide Rock area.

The TubeThe Tube (12/04/2013) Parley's Creek heads through this culvert under I215. During the Spring Runoff kids shoot the tube on homemade water slides.

Parleys Hollow from I80Parleys Hollow from I80 (06/06/2010) I was stuck in a traffic jam for a half hour with this view into Parley's Hollow from I80

Parleys Trail BridgeParleys Trail Bridge (09/25/2007) This is the new Parleys Trail Bridge near the intersection of I80 and I215 at the mouth of Parleys Canyon in Salt Lake City.

Parleys Trail BridgeParleys Trail Bridge (09/25/2007) This is the new bridge over I215 near the mouth of Parleys Canyon.

Mount Olympus from I215Mount Olympus from I215 (09/25/2007) We are looking at the 3300 South bridge over I215 with Mount Olympus in the distance from the new Parleys Trail Bridge.

Mouth of the CanyonMouth of the Canyon (09/25/2007) A view toward the Mouth of the Canyon and Salt Lake City from the new Parleys Trail Bridge. The cars are on I215, the trucks are on I80 going into Parleys Canyon.

Parleys Trail BridgeParleys Trail Bridge (09/25/2007) Looking East through the new Parleys Trail Bridge.

A Maze of Sound WallsA Maze of Sound Walls (09/25/2007) The Parleys Trail bike route runs between sound walls and the freeway.

Into the HollowInto the Hollow (09/25/2007) The Parleys Trail bike route drops down an 11% grade into Parleys Nature Preserve.

Parleys HollowParleys Hollow (09/25/2007) The view from Parleys Trail into Parleys Nature Preserve is dominated by the large grey pile of material cut away to make the trail. The fence looks awfully permanent. I wonder if this will be the "off leash area"

Parleys Creek from Parleys TailParleys Creek from Parleys Tail (09/25/2007) We are looking from the new Parleys Trail down Parleys Creek. There is a dog playing in the little pool just below the culvert.

Parleys TrailParleys Trail (09/25/2007) This picture is looking from the bottom the 11% grade back toward the freeway.

Into the HollowInto the Hollow (09/25/2007) A dirt road drops from the paved Parleys Trail into the Parleys Nature Preserve. I understand that the paved road will eventually include a tunnel that crosses through to Sugarhouse Park.

Reseeded AreaReseeded Area (09/25/2007) The fenced in area has the dirt left over from building the trail. This area was reseeded. I wonder if they are going to turn this into to offleash area.

Golden Pass RoadGolden Pass Road (09/25/2007) The plaque commemorates the opening of the Golden Pass Road on July 4th, 1850. Parley Pratt originally surveyed the area and chose Parleys over Emigration Canyon for the primary route into Salt Lake.

Checking out the CulvertChecking out the Culvert (09/25/2007) Coco is checking out the culvert that passes below I215.

Trail ConstructionTrail Construction (09/25/2007) The sign says that this trail was constructed between March 26th and October 1st, 2007.

Parleys TrailParleys Trail (09/25/2007) I am now heading back up the trail to my car. Yes, I drove to the bike route. Al Gore, will you ever forgive me?

82 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-82

Parley's Hollow

Tanner's Park and Parley's Historic Nature Park are located in a Salt Lake neighborhood at 2700 E 2700 S. This is just south of Interstate 80 near the mouth of Parleys Canyon. If you are Eastbound on I80 by taking exit 171 (2300 South). Take the first left and drive East for a half mile.

Tanner Park includes tennis courts, a playground, pavilions and a walking trail. On the East side of Tanner's Park, a dirt road drops into Parley's Hollow. Parley's Hollow is home of the Parley's Historic Nature Park. This 88 acre park includes ruins of early pioneer structures including an old aquaduct.

History of the Hollow

Although the very first pioneers to Salt Lake traveled through Emigration Canyon. Later travelers found Parley's Canyon to an easier route. Parley's Canyon also proved more suitable for road construction.

As the gateway to Salt Lake City, Parley's Hollow was one of the first areas settled in the Salt Lake Valley. The Hollow sported several inns and taverns that served visitors to Salt Lake and cross country travelers. I imagine this would have been one of the most exciting places in pioneer Utah.

Eventually, the major roads into Salt Lake were diverted from the base of the hollow to the hills above the hollow. The land that was was once the gateway to the city now became a secluded hidden nook in the valley.

In the late 20th century, the land in Parley's Hollow was acquired by the Sons of Utah's Pioneers and others with the intention of creating a nature reserve and park. The area was popular with bird watchers. The park also became with dog owners.

The park became an unofficial off leash area in the early 2000s. It is currently going through a 1 year trial period as an official off leash area from November 2005 through November 2006.

The onslaught of dogs into the Hollow was a great disappointment for the people who donated lands specifically for a nature preserve and historic park. There is fear that the dogs will hasten errosion and trample the preserved foundations of historic structures.

Dog owners love the area as the Hollow provides a safe enclosed area where dogs can run free and swim in the creek. (See online pet stores).

Future Plans

Parley's Hollow is prime real estate in the heart of major metropolis in the West. Salt Lake City is currently planning an ambition program to create green corridors and trails throughout the valley. Planners hope create the The Parley's Corridor Trail that will run from the Sugarhouse Park area, through Parley's Hollow. This trail will eventually connect with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail on the East side of I215.

This trail would make Parley's Hollow a preferred route for pedestrians and bikes.

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