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Salt Lake CourtsSalt Lake Courts (06/00/2004) Salt Lake City Courts...this is where you beg for forgiveness from the parking ticket overlords.

Gateway ParkGateway Park (06/00/2004) The railway lines behind the Gateway have been turned into a handsome pedestrian park.

Getting a Ticket!!!!Getting a Ticket!!!! (06/00/2004) This guy is getting a ticket. Ha, Ha!

Loser - you re getting a ticketLoser - you re getting a ticket (06/00/2004) Ha ha, you visited Salt Lake...you're getting a ticket for that gafaw.

TicketmeistersTicketmeisters (06/00/2004) Both the black car and the car behind it will finance Salt Lake's government with a shiny ticket.

Trap Set and WaitingTrap Set and Waiting (06/00/2004) One of the traps is set and waiting. There seems to be ample room to park between the sign and walk way. It is a sure bet that a car will pull in here within the next minutes and snag a ticket.

Getting a TicketGetting a Ticket (06/00/2004) Yet another car getting a ticket.

Another TicketAnother Ticket (06/00/2004) You're getting a ticket.

RedlineRedline (06/00/2004) You actually pass a very long painted strip of red curbing before coming to the parking ticket traps. Turn left at the stop sign and you are in the area of the traps.

Parking Ticket TrapsParking Ticket Traps (06/00/2004) This east side of the road has the no parking areas marked with red paint. The west side of the street (with the traps) are only marked with signs.

Busted Dude!Busted Dude! (06/00/2004) The black car is getting a ticket.

The advantage of compactsThe advantage of compacts (06/00/2004) If this car was full size, they would be getting a ticket. This is the spot where I was caught. Unfortunately, my car was full sized.

Ticket Trap Set and LoadedTicket Trap Set and Loaded (06/00/2004) There is quite a bit of area behind the car before the sideway crossing. But the sign rules and you will be getting a ticket when the patrol passes.

More Painted CurbMore Painted Curb (06/00/2004) Again, on the east side of the road, the curb is painted...which ads to confusion. The side where the city collects its money is not.

Marked with both sign and paintMarked with both sign and paint (06/00/2004) What makes the Gateway ticket trap so effective is that the other side of the street has clearly painted red lines where you aren't supposed to park.

Club ImpulseClub Impulse (06/00/2004) There's now a collection of clubs just west of the Gateway including club impulse. There's also a variety of strange statues.

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Parking Ticket Trap

Salt Lake City has several little ticket traps around the city used to raise funds for its corrupt little government.

This trap is set next to the Gateway. There is a poorly market locked gate which is supposedly a route for fire trucks next to the Gateway Mall. It looks like just ordinary street parking, but if you park there, you get a very expensive ticket.

I watched the spot. In one day, they gave a dozen tickets to unsuspecting shoppers at the Gateway Mall.

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Gateway Plaza - Salt Lake City (118 pictures) This trap is on the West Side of the Gateway Plaza.


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