Olympus Hills Park

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ParksideParkside (00/00/2004) A view of Mount Grandeur from Olympus Hills Park.

OverpassOverpass (00/00/2004) I15 is on the other side of the wall. The overpass leads to Churchill Middle School

Puppy Power!Puppy Power! (00/00/2004) Running in the snow is really fun. It is extremely difficult photographing this puppy. She moves too fast!

Olympus Hills ParkOlympus Hills Park (08/15/2004) Checking out the snow in Olympus Hills Park.

Snow PuppySnow Puppy (00/00/2004) A little brown puppy named Coco. Apparently, I did something to annoy her.

Churchill Junior HighChurchill Junior High (00/00/2004) Churchill Junion Highschool is on Wasatch Boulevard at about 4100 south. This is a picture from the base of the overpass.

Olympus Hills PlaqueOlympus Hills Plaque (10/25/2007) The commemorative plaque shows Mount Olympus, pioneer wagons, trains, churches and other items of interest to the Utah pioneers.

Commemorative Plaque Commemorative Plaque (10/25/2007) A commemorative Plaque on display at Olympus Hills Park.

Olympus Hills ParkOlympus Hills Park (02/11/2008) This is my artsy picture of Olympus Hills Park with Salt Lake City in the distance.

Snowboard JumpSnowboard Jump (02/11/2008) Snowboarders put a dangerous jump into the playground. The two people in the playground have video equipment. So I guess this was part of an extreme sports video.

Fence JumpingFence Jumping (02/22/2013) Extreme skiers have taken taken building jumps over fences in the part for adventure videos. This jump was larger but has since melted down a bit.

Riding RailsRiding Rails (02/22/2013) They also build jumps to ride down the hand rails for stairs making it hard for the elderly to get to the rails.

Haunted TreeHaunted Tree (02/22/2013) This tree in Olympus Hills Park is reported to be haunted.

Kneeing Its Way OutKneeing Its Way Out (02/22/2013) A spirit is trying to knee its way out of this hautned tree in Olympus Hills Park.

Knee in a TreeKnee in a Tree (02/22/2013) Something is trying to knee its way out of this haunted tree.

Cottonwood BarkCottonwood Bark (02/22/2013) An exposed section in the trunk of cottonwood tree looks like a knee.

Retaining WallsRetaining Walls (02/22/2013) The houses along the dunes of Olympus Hills Park have large retaining walls.

Onleash ParkOnleash Park (02/22/2013) People get pig tickets if they are caught with an offleash dog in Olympus Hills Park. Coco demonstrates that if dogs are offleash in snow they run with abandon.

The Sledding HillThe Sledding Hill (02/22/2013) How many major metropolitan areas can boast of a fun sledding hill at the foot of a mountain?

Olympus Hills StairsOlympus Hills Stairs (02/22/2013) Extreme skiers built jumps along the rails. People walking in the park aren't able to use the hand rails. Such is life.

44 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-44

Olympus Hills Park

Olympus Hills Park is a county park on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley. The Park is in the Olympus Cove area, just west of I215 (the belt route). You can access the park from the 4500 South exit on I215. On the north east corner of the park is a overpass that crosses I215 and Wasatch Boulevard.

Most of the park is covered with native vegetation including shrub oak, mountain mahogany and native grasses. The soil is sandy. The area was once covered with sand dunes. The park includes tennis courts, a baseball field, soccer field and ponds connected with a cascading stream. There is a cement walkway around the park with enough vertical relief to make for a brisk walk.

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