This is the Place Heritage Park

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Emigration CanyonEmigration Canyon (06/00/2004) Apartments at the base of Emigration Canyon.

This is the PlaceThis is the Place (06/00/2004) The `This is the Place` Monument at the base of Emigration Canyon.

Park TablePark Table (06/00/2004) A rustic park table, just like the pioneers would have used (if they had power tools).

This is the Place ParkThis is the Place Park (06/00/2004) This is the Place Park at the base of Emigration Canyon.

Angels and Near UsAngels and Near Us (06/00/2004) A memorial at This is the Place Monument.

This Is The Place Heritage ParkThis Is The Place Heritage Park (06/00/2004) Historic building at This Is The Place Heritage Park.

Hogle ZooHogle Zoo (06/00/2004) Hogel Zoo is across the street from the This is the Place Heritage Park. People often combine a trip to both places in the same outing.

Emigration CanyonEmigration Canyon (06/00/2004) Apartments at the base of Emigration Canyon.

Domingez-EscalanteDomingez-Escalante (06/00/2004) Father Silvestre Velez de Escalante and Francisco Domínguez were the first European explorers to venture through Utah in 1776-77. They are commemorated at the This the Place Heritage Park.

This Is the PlaceThis Is the Place (06/00/2004) The Monument is designed to celebrate the diversity of characters moving into Utah.

This is the Place MonumentThis is the Place Monument (06/00/2004) The This Is the Place Monument in Heritage Park.

Mountain MenMountain Men (06/00/2004) The Monument takes note of Jim Bridger and other early explorers who chartered the ways through the west.

PlaquesPlaques (06/00/2004) Captain Bonneville, Father de Smet and John C. Fremont were among the first people of European descent to visit Utah.

The Reed Donnor PartyThe Reed Donnor Party (06/00/2004) A memorial to the Reed-Donnor Party in Heritage Park.

Peter Skeen OgdenPeter Skeen Ogden (06/00/2004) A memorial to the namesake of Ogden, Utah.

Chief WashakieChief Washakie (06/00/2004) Native Americans had discovered the Salt Lake Valley several millennia before Father Escalante.

John C. FremontJohn C. Fremont (06/00/2004) Statue comemorating John C. Fremont.

HandcartHandcart (06/00/2004) Many of the Mormon Pioneers used handcarts in their migration from Navou to Salt Lake City.

Sea GullsSea Gulls (06/00/2004) The legend is that grass hoppers were eating the first year's harvest in Salt Lake. Sea gulls came, ate the hoppers and saved the day.

Pioneer VillagePioneer Village (06/00/2004) Heritage Park features a Pioneer Village with informative exhibitions and tours.

35 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-35

This is the Place

This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City celebrates Utah's pioneer heritage. The park is named for the famous statement given by Brigham Young when he first entered the Salt Lake Valley on July 24th, 1847.

The Park is a major attraction during Utah's Pioneer Day festival which takes place on the 24th of Julya State Holiday.

The Park is at the base of Emigration Canyon. Emigration Canyon was first opened by the Donnor Party on their ill fated trip to California. The canyon was the route for many pioneers, The Pony Express and the Transcontinental Telegraph which was completed in Salt Lake on October 24, 1861.

The Park is Near Utah's Hogle Zoo

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Salt Lake City (439 pictures) The early pioneers to Salt Lake City followed the path of the Donnor Party. The Heritage Park is the site where many pioneers had their first view of the Salt Lake Valley.

Utah State (53 pictures) Brigham Young is reported to have pronounced Salt Lake to be the place on July 24thm 1847. This day is commemorated as a state holiday.

Red Butte Gardens (63 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from the Red Butte Garden Area (just north of This is the Place Heritage Park).

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) The Park is at the base of Emigration Canyon in the Wasatch Mountains.

Research Park (27 pictures) This is the Place Monument is just south of Research Park in Salt Lake City.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail (131 pictures) The Bonneville Shoreline trail runs along the old Bonneville Shoreline on the Wasatch Mountains.

Pioneer Days Parade (107 pictures) Pictures of the 2007 Days of 47 Parade.


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