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Trail RoundaboutTrail Roundabout (07/04/2009) There is a well developed trail around the perimeter of the Utah State Capitol that makes for a nice afternoon stroll.

Curly Cup Gum WeedCurly Cup Gum Weed (07/08/2009) USU lists Curly Cup Gum Weed (a native species) as an invasive weed, but does not list donkey spurge. In an act of defiance I planted Curly Cup Gum weed in the garden last year.

Curly Cup Gum WeedCurly Cup Gum Weed (07/08/2009) The curly cup gum weed has buds covered in a sticky resin and semi succulent leaves that helps it grow in dry climates like its native Utah. I think it is a great garden plant. USU lists it as an invasive weed.

Love in a Cactus MistLove in a Cactus Mist (06/06/2010) Blue Love-In-A-Mist (Nigella damascena) flowers framed by bright yellow cactus.

PlanterPlanter (04/17/2010) planters allow the city to line city streets with vibrant colors.

Street PlantersStreet Planters (04/17/2010) Planters on Main Street in Salt Lake City.

Outdoor ClassroomOutdoor Classroom (04/05/2013) Olympus Junior High has an outdoor classroom with a small garden path, walkway and pavilion.

Outdoor ClassroomOutdoor Classroom (04/05/2013) The outdoor classroom at Olympus Junior High includes walking paths, a fun pedestrian bridge and amphitheater for presentations.

Mule EarsMule Ears (05/25/2013) Mule Ears is a bright yellow flower found in the Wasatch. We were able to get mule-ears established in our garden, although it took several years before the flowers bloomed.

Trench War FareTrench War Fare (10/20/2016) Bill dug some trenches for laying pipe, battling the gophers as he dug.

Shooting StarsShooting Stars (05/15/2017) Shooting stars (Dodecatheon) is a wonderful alpine flower in the primrose family. This plants from our garden came from a seed catalog of native plants.

91 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 81-91

Pictures from the Garden

Gardening is a great American pastime.

For many generations people used to import plants from Europe or exotic locations in the Orient for their gardens. In recent years, wise garderners have returned to using native plants.

This gallery will show pictures of cultivated gardens. The directory includes a substantial number of photos of plants found on undeveloped lands.

Context: Flowers

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Wildflowers (123 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of wildflowers.

2008 Rock Garden Show (62 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from the 2008 Spring Rock Garden Show by the Wasatch Rock Garden Society.

Red Butte Gardens (63 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from the Red Butte Garden Area.


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