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Goats BeardGoats Beard (06/12/2008) I used to pull goats beard from the garden as if it were a weed. This Spring I decided that they are just too pretty and deserve a spot in the garden.

Goats BeardGoats Beard (06/12/2008) The goatsbeard has these delightful long elegant pods.

Palmer s PenstemonPalmer s Penstemon (07/12/2008) The Palmer's Penstemon is a prize plant for a Salt Lake Rock Garden.

Penstemon Close UpPenstemon Close Up (07/12/2008) A close up of a Palmer's Penstemon growing in the garden.

Fire ChallisFire Challis (08/22/2008) California Fire Challis (Epilobium canum) seems to do well in Utah Gardens.

RabbitbrushRabbitbrush (11/20/2008) Considered by ranchers a weed, the native plant Rabbit Brush has interesting ornamental plumes in the late Fall. I think it has a place in Utah gardens.

RabbitBrushRabbitBrush (11/20/2008) Rabbitbrush (Chrysothamnus) is a native plant of the arid west. The plant makes an interesting addition to gardens.

November FlowersNovember Flowers (11/20/2008) These goldeneyes were still in full bloom in late November.

Purple AlyssumPurple Alyssum (11/24/2008) Alyssum (a member of the mustard family) produces bundles of small flowers. The flowers were still in bloom at the beginning of December.

Carpet of AlyssumCarpet of Alyssum (11/24/2008) Alyssum forms gentle carpets of white flowers.

AjugaAjuga (05/14/2009) Ajuga is a popular groundcover from the mint family.

Christian GardenChristian Garden (06/06/2009) This garden is on the Northwest Corner of the Church of the Holy Apostles in Meridian.

Canterbury BellsCanterbury Bells (06/14/2009) The Canterbury Bells were doing well in this seasons abnormally wet Spring.

Blanket FlowerBlanket Flower (06/16/2009) A blanket flower in the rain.

Blanket FlowersBlanket Flowers (06/16/2009) Blanket Flowers are a fun showy garden flower.

Garden Variety GardeniaGarden Variety Gardenia (06/16/2009) A garden would not be complete with gardenia

Red White and Blue DisplayRed White and Blue Display (06/18/2009) The Bell Flowers have never come out this strong. Must be the rain.

Ice PlantIce Plant (06/24/2009) Ice Plant makes an intriguing ground color.

Pepper FlowerPepper Flower (06/16/2009) A beutiful red flower in our garden.

Red Flower on YellowRed Flower on Yellow (06/18/2009) A red flower framed by yellow coreopsis.

91 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 61-80 , 80-91

Pictures from the Garden

Gardening is a great American pastime.

For many generations people used to import plants from Europe or exotic locations in the Orient for their gardens. In recent years, wise garderners have returned to using native plants.

This gallery will show pictures of cultivated gardens. The directory includes a substantial number of photos of plants found on undeveloped lands.

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