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Columbines and RockColumbines and Rock (06/06/2009) Two columbine in a rock garden.

Larkspur and LoveLarkspur and Love (06/06/2009) The buttercup family produces a wide variety of intriguing blossoms. In this shot larkspur blooms alongside Love-In-Mist.

ButtercupsButtercups (06/06/2009) A garden variety of buttercups brightens a Salt Lake Rock Garden.

Love in a MistLove in a Mist (06/06/2009) Love in a Mist is a fun garden flower.

Globe MallowGlobe Mallow (06/06/2009) The Globe Mallow adds a bright swath of orange to a Utah garden.

Globe MallowGlobe Mallow (06/06/2009) Globe Mallow is a wonderful low water plant ideal for native gardens in the Mountain West.

Penstemon Penstemon (06/06/2009) Utah offers a wide assortment of Penstemon

PenstemonPenstemon (06/06/2009) A close up of a Palmer's Penstemon. Beardstongue is noted for the extra decorative stemon.

Columbine FlowerColumbine Flower (06/16/2009) A yellow columbine is drenched in the rain.

Yellow ColumbineYellow Columbine (06/16/2009) A yellow columbine after several days of rain.

Rose in the RainRose in the Rain (06/14/2009) This rose was weathering the rain outside my window; So I took its photo.

Rose in the SunRose in the Sun (06/14/2009) This is the view outside my window this after, when the rain cleared.

buttercupsbuttercups (05/10/2009) Domestic buttercups grace a garden in Salt Lake City.

California PoppyCalifornia Poppy (05/10/2009) Three California Poppies are lined up against a red brick wall.

TulipsTulips (05/10/2009) An artsy shot of tulips contrasted against grey cinderblock.

MulcherMulcher (11/25/2008) An avid gardener finishes a mulch pile.

Rock JasmineRock Jasmine (04/12/2009) These flowers survived the deer's night time grazing to usher in Easter. I believe this to be Rock Jasmine (Androsace occidentalis).

Eastwood Nature GardenEastwood Nature Garden (06/16/2008) There is a nice selection of native plants on the East end of the Eastwood Elementary playground. Yes, the hill behind the wonderful garden is covered with Donkey Spurge. Will Utahns ever learn?

Native GardenNative Garden (07/02/2008) Palmers Penstemon and Globe Mallow provide a basis of a native plant garden in Salt Lake City.

2008 Garden2008 Garden (07/02/2008) A picture of the 2008 native flower garden.

91 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-91

Pictures from the Garden

Gardening is a great American pastime.

For many generations people used to import plants from Europe or exotic locations in the Orient for their gardens. In recent years, wise garderners have returned to using native plants.

This gallery will show pictures of cultivated gardens. The directory includes a substantial number of photos of plants found on undeveloped lands.

Context: Flowers

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