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Blanket FlowerBlanket Flower (10/31/2017) This picture shows the buds, flower and seed pod of the Blanket Flower.

Bird BathBird Bath (06/06/2010) Flowers bloom at the base of our bird bath.

AllysumAllysum (06/18/2009) A small white garden flower.

Curly Cup Gum WeedCurly Cup Gum Weed (07/08/2009) The Curly Cup Gum weed secretes a sticky gum to protect the petals of its bright yellow flowers.

Hens and ChicksHens and Chicks (07/08/2009) In good water years (lots of early spring moisture) the Hens and Chicks bloom

Raining AgainRaining Again (06/27/2009) It is raining again. The folks who build the house in which I reside planted roses by the windows thinking they would help keep us safe. The picture shows thorns, a window pane and a very wet rose.

mirabilis multiflora mirabilis multiflora (07/04/2009) The Desert Four O'Clock is a hardy drought resistent plant that does well in Utah and Colorado gardens.

Larkspur and Four O ClockLarkspur and Four O Clock (07/04/2009) Pink and Blue Larkspur grow among a dense thicket of desert Four O'Clock

A Carpet of Blanket FlowersA Carpet of Blanket Flowers (07/04/2009) A carpet of Blanket Flowers in the garden.

Blanket Flowers in the RainBlanket Flowers in the Rain (07/04/2009) Blanket flowers after a light mist.

Blue and YellowBlue and Yellow (07/04/2009) A garden mix with Larkspur and various yellow flowers.

Garden MaintenanceGarden Maintenance (06/25/2009) This vehicle was moving along Main Street watering the hanging gardens along the street.

Overhanging GardensOverhanging Gardens (06/25/2009) Look up, and you will find planters lining Main Street.

Stand Out FlowerStand Out Flower (06/18/2009) A single flower stands out from a row of coreopsis in the front yard.

Red PoppyRed Poppy (06/24/2009) A big red poppy in the garden.

Burgundy PoppiesBurgundy Poppies (06/18/2009) This poppy has deep red blossoms.

FlaxFlax (06/16/2009) Usually used as a food source, flax adds a hint of light blue to a garden.

Saturated Cinquefoil Saturated Cinquefoil (06/16/2009) After several days of rain the cinquefoil developed a deep saturated look.

Stone CropStone Crop (06/16/2009) ...

Red White and BlueRed White and Blue (06/16/2009) I was delighted to find this patriotic display of a red rose tangled with white and blue Canterbury Bells in our garden. Notice the unique structure of the rose. It has three little flower sections.

91 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-91

Pictures from the Garden

Gardening is a great American pastime.

For many generations people used to import plants from Europe or exotic locations in the Orient for their gardens. In recent years, wise garderners have returned to using native plants.

This gallery will show pictures of cultivated gardens. The directory includes a substantial number of photos of plants found on undeveloped lands.

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