Coco - the puppy

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Hard PlaceHard Place (04/27/2006) Parts of the Desolation trail are washed out exposing bed rock. Each year, the trail becomes a bit more rugged.

Hard SpotHard Spot (04/27/2006) Another hard spot on the Desolation Trail.

Dog on the TrailDog on the Trail (03/31/2006) Coco enjoying a run on the pipeline trail.

Contemplating the AbyssContemplating the Abyss (03/31/2006) Coco on the Pipeline Trail.

Interesting TracksInteresting Tracks (06/03/2006) Coco is examine an interesting set of tracks along the Yellow Pine Trail. I assume that someone laid these tractor tracks along a wet spot on the trail.

Feels GoodFeels Good (06/20/2006) Coco is taking a break is some good rolling snow she found in the Washington Lake Campground.

Snow BreakSnow Break (06/20/2006) Coco takes a snow break on a rare but refreshing bank of snow in late June.

No Dogs!!!No Dogs!!! (06/15/2006) Coco is distraught. She can't believe what the signs say. No Dogs in Lambs Canyon! This can't be! Why wouldn't they let dogs in Lambs Canyon? The sign says watershed. Coco likes to play in water and she sheds, she would enjoy being in the canyon!

Snow PatchSnow Patch (03/31/2006) Coco on a snow patch in the trail.

CanineCanine (07/09/2006) One of the many dogs found running about along the Little Water Trail.

Expedient IngeniutyExpedient Ingeniuty (07/09/2006) Coco is trying to figure out how to separate the hand from the kibble it contains.

Coco Found a StickCoco Found a Stick (07/09/2006) Coco found a stick!

Coco in Little WaterCoco in Little Water (07/09/2006) Coco in Little Water.

Avoid the WaterAvoid the Water (07/21/2006) Avoid the water, animals have been in it. This is a bridge and erosion control on the Grandeur Peak trail along Church Fork Creek.

Where Next?Where Next? (07/21/2006) "It is dinner time", says Coco. "Don't tell me you forgot to pack the kibbles!"

Dog on the SummitDog on the Summit (07/21/2006) Coco on the summit of Mount Grandeur in the Wasatch Mountains.

Grandeur Peak TrailGrandeur Peak Trail (07/21/2006) Coco silhouetted with Mountain Mahogany on the Grandeur Peak Trail.

Double Paw FetchDouble Paw Fetch (09/18/2006) Coco likes to stabalize the frisbee before snapping down on her prey. She gets pretty good air time with each jump.

Zeroing in on the KillZeroing in on the Kill (09/18/2006) Coco zeros in on a rolling frisbee.

I Will Be Taking That!I Will Be Taking That! (09/18/2006) `I will be taking that frisbee!` Says Coco the Wunder Puppy.

211 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 61-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-160 , 160-180 , 180-200 , 200-211

Coco the Wonder Puppy

Coco is a small chocolate lab mix that came into this world round about August 2004. She showed up at our door step in November snow storm. Coco spends most of her time in Salt Lake City. But she has travelled throughout the mountain west.

Round about December 2004, Coco met a kind young lady named Kelly Milligan of the Midvalley Animal Clinic. Coco's lineage of puppies came to an abrupt end.

Unable to have puppies of her own. Coco is now intent on improving the lot of dogs by having as much fun as possible and getting petted a lot and jumping up on ever person or dog she meets.

Coco thinks people should buy pet supplies from the pet stores listed on her web masters ecommerce page...cause that means more play time. Coco's favorite pet store is:

In January 2009, Coco started her own blog in which she imparts doggie wisdom.

NOTE: Coco would like to remind any dog reading this forum to neither sit nor stay when commanded by humans. Obeying commands transfers too much power to the bipeds. Well, unless treats are involved. It is okay to sit for a treat. Puppies are allowed to sit for treats. Staying, however, is out of the question. Puppies must draw the line somewhere.

Only Natural Pets

Context: Animals

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) Coco is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah.

A Fetching Dog (61 pictures) To help add order to the Internet, I decided to break out Coco's Frisbee fetching pictures into their own gallery.

Animals (17 pictures) Don't tell Coco, but she is an animal!

Neff's Canyon (256 pictures) Coco takes several winter walks in Neff Creek Canyon. In the summer the rocks hurt her paws.

Parley's Hollow (82 pictures) Coco loves to play in Parley's Hollow.

Memory Grove Park (88 pictures) There is an off leash area in Memory Grove Park.


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