Coco - the puppy

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In the Red White and BlueIn the Red White and Blue (07/04/2009) Coco dons the red white and blue for the Tea Party.

Dogi PotDogi Pot (07/04/2009) This Dogi Pot on the trail around the State Capitol indicates that dogs are welcome on the site.

Dogs of ServiceDogs of Service (07/04/2009) Coco was unnerved by the bronze of a service dog on the West Side of the Capitol.

Cheerio HumanCheerio Human (07/07/2009) Click on picture to read Coco's opinion of humans that toss cheerios to dogs.

Coco ApprovesCoco Approves (09/09/2009) Granny scrapes off the last pieces of the turkey for Coco ... gaining Coco's approval of the process.

A Present From CocoA Present From Coco (09/09/2009) Here's a fun gift idea. I placed some chocolate in a clean doggie poop bag. Slapped on a ribbon and a note saying `Happy Birthday from Coco!` The gift was cheap, well received, and, yes, I re-used the bag when I took Coco for a walk after the party.

Hypno EyesHypno Eyes (09/09/2009) One of the secret weapons of doggies is hypno-eyes. With these hypno-eyes Coco forces chips from the small paper plate into the doggie's snout.

The CulvertThe Culvert (12/11/2009) I tried to coax Coco through the tube, but the doggie wanted nothing to do with the spooky cement hole.

Dainty PawsDainty Paws (12/11/2009) The well groomed lady dog crosses her paws when sleeping.

Cat in a CageCat in a Cage (12/11/2009) I put this little lost kitty in a cage and took it down to an animal shelter to scan for a chip. For the chip system to work, people who find lost animals need to get the things scanned.

Sandy PawsSandy Paws (12/19/2009) Coco hung her stocking by the chimney with care. We will have to wait to see if she was a good enough dog for Sandy Paws to give her a treat.

Doggie BootiesDoggie Booties (12/19/2009) Coco paws were all sore from running in the snow (and walking along the salty streets). We bought her some snow booties to help her along the way.

Snow BootiesSnow Booties (12/19/2009) Coco got a set of doggie booties for the snow.

Blowing out a PawBlowing out a Paw (12/19/2009) Coco blew out a paw, so we had to put on a spare.

Chair PoliticsChair Politics (03/22/2009) The reclining chair in the kitchen is the center of pack politics. I took this picture of Coco defending her time to sit in the chair and did not catch the importance of the message on the chair until I downloaded it from the camera.

Coco in the SnowCoco in the Snow (12/19/2009) Coco plays with her boomerang toy.

Coco Loves the SnowCoco Loves the Snow (12/19/2009) Coco loves the snow.

Soft BiteSoft Bite (12/19/2009) A dog can bite down on the Soft Bite and it will recover after the ordeal.

Coco is a Dog of PeaceCoco is a Dog of Peace (12/19/2009) Coco is a Dog of Peace.

What s a Dog to Do?What s a Dog to Do? (12/19/2009) Coco convalesces with a rear paw in a bandage. My guess is that a combination of snow, salt and licking make the paw all red and raw.

211 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 141-160 , 160-180 , 180-200 , 200-211

Coco the Wonder Puppy

Coco is a small chocolate lab mix that came into this world round about August 2004. She showed up at our door step in November snow storm. Coco spends most of her time in Salt Lake City. But she has travelled throughout the mountain west.

Round about December 2004, Coco met a kind young lady named Kelly Milligan of the Midvalley Animal Clinic. Coco's lineage of puppies came to an abrupt end.

Unable to have puppies of her own. Coco is now intent on improving the lot of dogs by having as much fun as possible and getting petted a lot and jumping up on ever person or dog she meets.

Coco thinks people should buy pet supplies from the pet stores listed on her web masters ecommerce page...cause that means more play time. Coco's favorite pet store is:

In January 2009, Coco started her own blog in which she imparts doggie wisdom.

NOTE: Coco would like to remind any dog reading this forum to neither sit nor stay when commanded by humans. Obeying commands transfers too much power to the bipeds. Well, unless treats are involved. It is okay to sit for a treat. Puppies are allowed to sit for treats. Staying, however, is out of the question. Puppies must draw the line somewhere.

Only Natural Pets

Context: Animals

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) Coco is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah.

A Fetching Dog (61 pictures) To help add order to the Internet, I decided to break out Coco's Frisbee fetching pictures into their own gallery.

Animals (17 pictures) Don't tell Coco, but she is an animal!

Neff's Canyon (256 pictures) Coco takes several winter walks in Neff Creek Canyon. In the summer the rocks hurt her paws.

Parley's Hollow (82 pictures) Coco loves to play in Parley's Hollow.

Memory Grove Park (88 pictures) There is an off leash area in Memory Grove Park.


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