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Observation Canyon TrailObservation Canyon Trail (05/27/2003) The trail begins with a set of stairs carved in the soft sandstone.

Upper NavajoUpper Navajo (05/27/2003) The trail leads through formations of the Upper Navajo Sandstone. This sandstone tends to erode in dome shapes. The sandstone was formed by large drifting sand dunes.

Canyon Overlook TrailCanyon Overlook Trail (05/27/2003) The Canyon Overlook Trail has well maintained trail with a railing to keep people from damaging the scenery and from falling into Pine Creek Canyon.

Canyon Overlook TrailCanyon Overlook Trail (05/27/2003) The park service provides a handy plank around one of the steep corners of the trail.

AlcoveAlcove (05/27/2003) This alcove on the Canyon Overlook Trail could hold a fairly large crowd.

PhotographerPhotographer (05/27/2003) The canyon provides a wealth of photo opportunities for shutter bugs.

Pine Creek BridgePine Creek Bridge (05/27/2003) The Pine Creek Bridge on Highway 9 coming out of the Pine Creek tunnel.

Pine Creek CanyonPine Creek Canyon (05/27/2003)

Canyon Overlook TrailCanyon Overlook Trail (05/27/2003)

Overlook Canyon TrailOverlook Canyon Trail (05/27/2003) The Overlook Canyon Trail winds its way through various sandstone formations.

The OverlookThe Overlook (05/27/2003) The overlook itself gives you a view of Zion Canyon and the switch backs on highway 9.

Highway 9Highway 9 (05/27/2003) Highway 9 through Zion National Park. Unfortunately, they do not allow bicycles in the tunnel. Large vehicle (RVs) require an escort through the tunnel.

East RimEast Rim (05/27/2003) The overlook trails gives you access to Zion Canyon's east rim.

HikersHikers (05/27/2003)

Canyon Overlook Trail AlcoveCanyon Overlook Trail Alcove (05/27/2003)

Upper CanyonUpper Canyon (05/27/2003)

Pine Creek TunnelPine Creek Tunnel (05/27/2003) The Pine Creek Tunnel is over a mile long with six large portals cut for light and fresh air. This bridge crosses the narrow Pine Creek canyon.

Pine Creek CanyonPine Creek Canyon (05/27/2003) Pine Creek Canyon is a slot canyon poplular with canyoneers.

Great ArchGreat Arch (05/27/2003) The great arch from Highway 9. The Canyon Overlook is just above the arch.

1-19 Pictures

The Observation Point Trail in Zion National Park is an easy maintained trail that leads to a grand view of the canyon. The trail head is just east of the Pine Creek Tunnel on Highway 9. Unfortunately, the Zion Park system of buses does not run along highway...so you have to drive.

The overlook trail runs along Pine Creek Canyon, which is a slot canyon enjoyed by canyoneers. To visit Pine Creek, you should hire an experience guide to set up the many rappels you need to take through the canyon.


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Zion National Park (66 pictures) The Observation Canyon Trail is in Zion's National Park.

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