Zion National Park

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Desert ButteDesert Butte (05/27/2003) A desert Butte south of Zion National Park. This Butte displays many of the newer layers of sandstone that would be on top of the sandstone in Zion.

Zion National ParkZion National Park (05/27/2003) The West Temple area viewed from the Smithsonian Butte Canyon road.

Smithsonian ButteSmithsonian Butte (05/27/2003) This Butte is near the west entrance of Zion National Park.

Zion National ParkZion National Park (05/27/2003)

Desert RockDesert Rock (05/27/2003) Near the Smithsonian Butte County outside Zion National Park.

White Rim Formation?White Rim Formation? (05/27/2003) This layer of white rock near Smithsonian Butte is similar to the White Rim Formation on the White Rim Trail over the confluence of the Green and Colorado.

Smithsonian ButteSmithsonian Butte (05/27/2003)

YuccaYucca (05/27/2003) A flowering Yucca Plant near Zion National Park.

Evening LightEvening Light (05/27/2003) The towering cliffs and temples of Zion create several interesting lighting effects at dusk and dawn.

RidgeRidge (05/27/2003) This white sandstone formation has several unique ridges running along its top.

Zion National ParkZion National Park (05/27/2003) Zion National Park is east of I15. This picture of the Western portion of the park is from the Smithsonian Butte Byway.

Zion National ParkZion National Park (05/27/2003)

Zion National ParkZion National Park (05/27/2003) Overlooking west entrance of Zion National Park.

Zion National ParkZion National Park (05/27/2003)

Smithsonian Butte BywaySmithsonian Butte Byway (05/27/2003) The Smithsonian Butte Byway is a graded, but steep road between highway 9 and 59.

Desert FlowersDesert Flowers (05/27/2003)

The Park at DuskThe Park at Dusk (05/27/2003)

Desert FlowersDesert Flowers (05/27/2003)

Horse Valley WashHorse Valley Wash (05/27/2003) The Smithsonian Butte Byway drops from Wire Mesa through Horse Valley Wash. The road loses 800 feet of elevation in a half mile.

Horse Valley WashHorse Valley Wash (05/27/2003) This wash is south of Rockville. The road has access to the Grafton ghost town.

66 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-66

Zion National Park

Zion National Park in Southern Utah provides a spectacular layering of desert scenery. The park is on the western edge of the Colorado Plateau. The main sections of the park presents towers of Navajo sandstone. To the west lies the beginning of the Mojave formations that dominate Nevada and stretch into Southern California.

The Park features several climate Zones. You will find hanging gardens on the canyon walls, desert marshes along the sides of the Virgin River, an abundance of cactus, junipers and other desert fixtures along the sandy desert hills and aspen atop the mountains above the canyon's rim.

The Park was first established as Mukuntuweap Monument in 1909, and renamed to Zion National Monument in 1918 and declared a national park in 1919.

Geologically speaking, the rock in the canyon is quite young. The main features of Zion Canyon are the Navajo Sandstone that form the towering cliffs of the canyon and the and Kayenta Shale at the base of the canyon. The Navajo Sandstone was formed by deep drifting sand dunes. If you examine the detail in the rock up close, you can see the patterns of the dunes.

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Context: Desert

Interstate 15 (87 pictures) Zion Canyon is located a few miles east of I15 in Southern Utah near Saint George.

Utah State (53 pictures) Zion Canyon is one of the jewels of the Utah National Park system. The canyon is noted for towering canyon walls and a wide selection of desert habitats.

Hurricane Valley (14 pictures) Hurricane Valley is just west of Zion National Park.

Angels Landing (59 pictures) Angels Landing is a popular 2.5 mile hike that starts at the Grotto and ascends 1700 feet to a view point of Zion Canyon.

Zion - Canyon Observation Point Trail (19 pictures) The Canyon Overlook Trail is a short, easy hike along the east canyon rim. The trail provides a good view of the Pine Canyon (a slot canyon) and of the Zion Valley.

Zion Narrows (18 pictures) The Virgin River Narrows is probably the most popular hike in the park. The hike starts at the Temple of Sinawava and leads into a narrow canyon where the river runs from wall to wall.

Colorado River (96 pictures) Zion National Park is in the Colorado Plateau, the Canyons were carved by the Virgin River which flows south through Saint George to the Colorado River.

Kolob Plateau (26 pictures) The Kolob Road runs through the Kolob Plateau region of Zion National Park. The road provides interesting vistas of the top of the Navajo Sand Stone.

Kolob Canyon (36 pictures) This page shows images from Kolob Canyon on the North Section of Zions National Park (near Cedar City


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