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picturelinepictureline (01/31/2014) Pictureline has evolved into Utah's leading source for cameras and video equipment. Their showroom is located at 305 West 700 South (which is just off the 600 South Off Ramp). Click the picture for current events.

15th Ward Chapel15th Ward Chapel (01/31/2014) The 15th Ward Chapel, a pioneer structure, is located at 900 West 100 South in Salt Lake.

15th Ward Chapel15th Ward Chapel (01/31/2014) This pioneer chapel in an industrial part of town has been converted to business use with the stained glass windows boarded over.

15th Ward Chapel15th Ward Chapel (01/31/2014) The Fifteenth Ward Chapel is located at 915 West 100 South on Salt Lake's West side.

Salt Lake OfficeSalt Lake Office (03/11/2006) Manufacturer on the Westside of Salt Lake.

David Ercison Fine ArtDavid Ercison Fine Art (10/08/2011) David Ericson Fine Art is located in this fine building in downtown Salt Lake City.

AmtrakAmtrak (04/30/2008) I had lamented the sorrowful state of the new Amtrak station. The station looks livelier with a Trax station in front.

Intermodal HubIntermodal Hub (04/30/2008) The new Intermodal hub at 250 South 600 West provides access to the Trax Light Rail, the FrontRunner commuter rail along with city and private buses.

600 West600 West (04/30/2008) 400 South and 500 South span the railroad yards and I15 freeway just south of the Salt Lake Central station.

Plow Co.Plow Co. (10/25/2007) An empty warehouse on the Westside of the Gateway Plaza. These people have seen their property values soar. I wonder what will go up next?

Redman 1910Redman 1910 (10/25/2007) The Redman Storage building (West of the Gateway) went up in the politically incorrect era of 1910.

Redman DetailRedman Detail (10/25/2007) The Redman storage building is surrounded by these wonderful figures.

200 South200 South (10/25/2007) A worker installs new lights in preparation for the opening of the Trax Extension on 200 South.

Plow CoPlow Co (10/25/2007) The John Deere Plow Co. warehouse is seeing its final days as the warehouse district transitions from subprime to prime real estate.

Rio GrandeRio Grande (05/15/2007) The Rio Grande Depo is now home to the historical society.

Rio Grande DepotRio Grande Depot (05/15/2007) The Westside of the Rio Grande Building sports a park with displays of public art.

Rio Grande BuildingRio Grande Building (04/30/2003) A view of the Rio Grande Building from the west. Salt Lake City has paved over the old railroad tracks and created a small rock garden.

KRCLKRCL (04/30/2003) KRCL broadcasts from the City Center Plaza south of the Gateway Plaza.

Orbit CafeOrbit Cafe (04/30/2003) The Orbit Cafe is in Salt Lake's old red light district.

Westside MuralWestside Mural (04/30/2003) An interesting mural improves this cinder block building on Salt Lake's west side.

43 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-43

The west side of Salt Lake City is an up and coming area. Just prior to the Olympics, the city diverted the railroad and there has been a great deal of work to renovate the area. The west side has a great deal in its favor. It is closer to the freeway, it is easily accessible by Trax. The new Gateway Plaza and Delta Center attract a great deal of foot traffic in the area.

Many new Salt Lake Clubs have located on the west side, including the Orbit Cafe and Club Brick. Eclectic shops and art galleries like the area as well.

The west side is so successful that Main Street is feeling the pinch. The great controversy for 2003 is the desire of Nordstroms to move out of the Crossroads Plaza on Main Street and into the Gateway area.

The second great controversy revolves around interest in moving Salt Lake's homeless shelters and volunteer service community. As the land gentrifies, the power politics has a tendency to push the less fortunate out.

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