Trolley Square

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Trolley and TowerTrolley and Tower (03/14/2003) The landmark water tower marks Trolley Square on 700 East. The Hard Rock Cafe is one of many trendy restaurants in the square.

TrolleyTrolley (03/14/2003) An old trolley from yesteryear adds character to the parking lot.

Desert EdgeDesert Edge (03/14/2003) Also known as The Pub, the Desert Edge Brewery is a college hot spot in Trolley Square...well, at least for rich college kids.

Trolley BuildingsTrolley Buildings (03/14/2003) The shops occupy old red brick trolley buildings.

Greet StreetGreet Street (03/14/2003)

Tony RomasTony Romas (03/14/2003) Tony Romas and Restoration Hardware in Trolley Square.

Green Street Social ClubGreen Street Social Club (03/14/2003) Green Street Social Club in Salt Lake.

Trolley Square TowerTrolley Square Tower (03/14/2003)

Trolley BuildingsTrolley Buildings (03/14/2003)

StageStage (03/14/2003) You will often find live performances, impromptus, etc. on the south side stage.

Staging AreaStaging Area (03/14/2003)

600 South Overpass600 South Overpass (03/14/2003) The Sixth South can see Mount Olympus in the distance.

Trolley SquareTrolley Square (03/14/2003) The South entrance to Trolley Square. Grab a flag and hope the cars on 600 south will stop.

600 South Overpass600 South Overpass (03/14/2003) There is an overflow parking lot on the south side of 600 S. It is often the most convenient place to park.

OverpassOverpass (03/14/2003) A view from inside the overpass.

600 South Near 700 East600 South Near 700 East (03/14/2003) The drivers on 600 South have a steep hill in the not too distant future. This is a view from the Trolley Square overpass...which explains the odd reflections.

InteriorInterior (03/14/2003) Trolley Square has two floors of high end shops. You can spend a good day exploring all the nooks and crannies.

Trolley TheatresTrolley Theatres (03/14/2003) You can find more shops and theaters on the east side of 700 East.

Rich Office DesignRich Office Design (03/14/2003) An interesting ivy clad structure.

North EntranceNorth Entrance (03/14/2003) The north entrance to Trolley Square.

32 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-32

Trolley Square

This gallery shows pictures from the Trolley Square area of Salt Lake City. That is the area from the Trolley Square Trax stop on 400 South to the Trolley Square Mall on the corner of 700 South and 500 East.

Trolley Square itself is a partially shopping mall built in classic red brick from Salt Lake's original street car system which was terminated in 1945. The Trolley Square Mall was first opened in 1972. It includes an ecletic collection of upper end shops, movie theaters and restaurants.

On February 12, 2007, Sulejman Talović, an eighteen year-old Bosnian Muslim refugee, went on a shooting spree at Trolley Square. My heart goes out the victim of this horrible crime and appreciation to the off duty officer Ken Hammond who brought the tragedy to a quick end.

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