Salt Lake City Library

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Library in the SnowLibrary in the Snow (04/15/2009) The entrance to the Salt Lake City Library on a snowy day.

County LibraryCounty Library (07/12/2008) The Columbus Library at 2350 South 500 East is part of the Salt Lake County Library system.

Salt Lake County LibrarySalt Lake County Library (07/12/2008) The entrance to the Columbus Library at 2530 South 500 East in South Salt Lake City.

400 South400 South (06/12/2007) A view of the trax line running along 400 South from the roof of the Salt Lake City Library.

Looking SouthLooking South (06/12/2007) Looking South from the top of the Salt Lake City Libary.

Path to the LibraryPath to the Library (06/12/2007) This picture shows the path on the South East corner of the City Library block.

Book ReadersBook Readers (06/12/2007) Statues of two young readers outside the Salt Lake City Library.

CartwheelsCartwheels (06/12/2007) Two bronze children engage a perpetual cartwheel outside the Salt Lake City Library.

Statues at PlayStatues at Play (06/12/2007) Statues at Play at the Salt Lake County Libary.

Library PlazaLibrary Plaza (06/12/2007) A plaza at the Salt Lake City Library.

New LibraryNew Library (03/01/2003) The new Salt Lake Library with the Wells Fargo Building in the background.

City County Building from Library PlazaCity County Building from Library Plaza (03/01/2003) The Main Library Plaza leads to the City County Building.

Library PlazaLibrary Plaza (03/01/2003) This is the South Entrance to the Library.

ReflectionsReflections (03/01/2003) The South Wall of the Salt Lake City Library reflects on the libary plaza.

ReflectionsReflections (03/01/2003) A larger view of the reflecting South Wall of the Salt Lake City Library. Look at the center of the picture. That looks like two dangling legs.

Reflecting PoolReflecting Pool (03/01/2003) There is a reflecting pool in the plaza. There was only a little bit of water from the last snow in the pool.

Reflecting Pool WideReflecting Pool Wide (03/01/2003) A wider view of the reflecting pool at the new Salt Lake City Library.

Library TraxLibrary Trax (03/01/2003) The Trax Station at the Salt Lake City Library. Sadly, this station is just outside the free fare zone. So, if you ride from downtown, you will need to buy a pass.

The City LibraryThe City Library (03/01/2003) Logo for the Salt Lake Library.

Northwest EntranceNorthwest Entrance (03/01/2003) Northwest Entrance to the City Libary.

92 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-92

Salt Lake City has a new must see attraction...The City Library.

I know, I know, I know, libraries are scary places filled with icky books, mean librarians and such things, but the new City Library is Kewl (that is Kewl with a kapital K). The library has a main plaza for major entertainment events. The library also dares to break out of the straight lines and 90 degree angles that typify American architecture.

The library invites patrons to walk to the top floor and enjoy a spectacular view of the City Scape and mountains.

The library is adjacent to Trax. You can enjoy a weekend trip to the library without having to worry about finding a parking space, and without adding to Salt Lake's pollution problem.

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Salt Lake City (434 pictures) The Library is in Salt Lake City on 400 South and 200 East.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) You can get to the City Library from the Library stop on the University Line, or a short walk from the Courthouse Stop on the Sandy Line.

City County Building and Court House (44 pictures) The Library is a block east of the historic City County Building.

2003 Utah Arts Festival (39 pictures) The 2003 Utah Arts Festival was held in the Library Square.


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