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GeeseGeese (06/01/2002) Geese in the Salmon River outside North Fork.

Begging AttentionBegging Attention (03/12/2002) Cross this line, I dare ya. Cross this line.

All The World s an Ice Cream ConeAll The World s an Ice Cream Cone (03/12/2002) My squirrel friend stops for a bite to eat.

Mountain SheepMountain Sheep (06/01/2002) Mountain Sheep crossing the road down river for an afternoon drink.

Mountain GoatsMountain Goats (06/01/2002) The mountain goats scurry up the slopes, as a rather callous tourist stops to take their picture.

Bear and CubBear and Cub (09/02/2002) They've noticed the strange yellow long floating in the river with an ape like creature balanced on top.

Desert WildlifeDesert Wildlife (09/02/2002)

Bighorn SheepBighorn Sheep (09/02/2002) Bighorn Sheep in Desolation Canyon.

Beach ToadBeach Toad (09/02/2002) A little critter in the sand.

Buffalo w. CalfBuffalo w. Calf (06/20/2006) A buffalo with calf in a farm between Rockport and Peoa.

BuffaloBuffalo (06/20/2006) Member of a buffalo farm outside Peoa, Utah.

BuffaloBuffalo (06/20/2006) "Human, that fence your leaning against is not as strong as you think." Says the buffalo as we engage in a human to beast stare down.

Mule DeerMule Deer (10/01/2006) Mule Deer at Cedar Breaks.

Two Mule DeerTwo Mule Deer (10/01/2006) A mother and fawn mule deer in the forest along the Alpine Trail.

Prairie DogsPrairie Dogs (05/26/2007) There is a colony of Prairie Dogs on the East end of the Pedestrian Bridge. As I was walking with a dog myself, this is as close as I could get before they scurried into their hole.

Prairie DogPrairie Dog (05/26/2007) A prairie dog guards its hole in Green River, Wyoming.

Cat in a CageCat in a Cage (12/11/2009) I put this little lost kitty in a cage and took it down to an animal shelter to scan for a chip. For the chip system to work, people who find lost animals need to get the things scanned.

1-17 Pictures

Animals play important roles in our lives. Whenever I go on a hiking, boating trip or drive into the country, I am bound to run across some sort of wild creature. Without a good telephoto lens, the quality of the pics are not the best, but I gather the pictures I've taken here. Hopefully my animal photography skills will improve with time.

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