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Bitterroot MountainsBitterroot Mountains (06/03/2002)

Bitterroot MountainsBitterroot Mountains (06/03/2002)

Lake Como DamLake Como Dam (06/03/2002)

Lake ComoLake Como (06/03/2002) Lake Como is in Western Montana.

Lake Como ParkLake Como Park (06/03/2002) Lake Como has picnic tables and campgrounds.

Camping in the PinesCamping in the Pines (06/03/2002)

Bitterroot ValleyBitterroot Valley (06/03/2002) A picture of the Bitterroot Valley from the Como School.

Como School HouseComo School House (06/03/2002) A one room school house used between 1902 and 1921

Bitterroot ValleyBitterroot Valley (06/03/2002)

Bitterroot MountainsBitterroot Mountains (06/03/2002) Near Lake Como.

Lake ComoLake Como (06/03/2002)

Como SchoolComo School (06/03/2002) Como School on Highway 93.

1-12 Pictures

Lake Como is a popular campground and day use area 5 miles north of Darby, Montana. The lake was name by Father Ravalli (namesake of Ravalli County). He named the Lake Como of Italy.

The area has many trails into the Bitterroot mountains, and is a popular place for bouldering.

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Darby, Montana. (26 pictures) Lake Como is five miles north of Darby, Montana.

The Bitterroot (65 pictures) The Lake is on the eastern face of the Bitterroot Mountains.

Lakes (16 pictures) Pictures of other lakes.


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