Gibbonsville, Idaho

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Fields of IdahoFields of Idaho (06/02/2002) Near Gibbonsville. Need to lighten the picture.

Local GatheringLocal Gathering (06/02/2002)

Forest TransportForest Transport (06/02/2002) The locals tend to get a few more years out of a car than in other places.

Main StreetMain Street (06/02/2002) The main drag in Gibbonsville.

Residential DistrictResidential District (06/02/2002)

Urban Renewal ProjectUrban Renewal Project (06/02/2002)

Gibbonsville, IdahoGibbonsville, Idaho (06/02/2002)

Gibbonsville MuseumGibbonsville Museum (06/02/2002) The Gibbonsville Relic Museum.

Gibbonsville Fire DepartmentGibbonsville Fire Department (06/02/2002)

GibbonsvilleGibbonsville (06/02/2002)

GibbonsvilleGibbonsville (06/02/2002)

Spring BloomSpring Bloom (06/02/2002)

North Fork of the Salmon RiverNorth Fork of the Salmon River (06/02/2002) The North Fork of the Salmon River near Gibbonsville.

1-13 Pictures

Gibbonsville, Idaho is a small town on highway 93. The main town is on a small one lane road veering east of US93.

Gold was discovered near Gibbonsville in 1893 on Anderson and Dahlonega Creeks. The town also showed early promise on the trade routes between Utah and Montana. In 1895, a thirty stamp mill was built in town. The population had boomed to 600. At its peak, the town had 100 buildings, 2 saw mills, a roller mill, 5 stamp mills, a newspaper and 8 saloons.

Today, the population is about 120. The town continues to justify a dot on the map with the Gibbonsville Relic Museum. Lewis and Clark passed through the area in their 1805 trek across the United States.

Context: Towns-Idaho

Highway 93 (207 pictures) Gibbonsville, Idaho is on US93, a few miles south of the Montana Border.

North Fork, Idaho (15 pictures) Gibbonsville is near the North Fork of the Salmon River...a few miles north of the town of North Fork.

Lewis and Clark (13 pictures) Gibbonsville is on the Lewis and Clark Trail.

Salmon, Idaho (84 pictures) Gibbonsville is 33 miles north of Salmon, Idaho.


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