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WestminsterWestminster (04/04/2002)

Indian BlanketIndian Blanket (09/18/2002) Family: Asteraceae Genus: Gaillardia; Species: aristata Olympus Cove, SLC, UT, Altitude about 5200 ft. These perennials blossom from July through September and need very little water. They are attractive as they go to seed.

YuccaYucca (05/27/2003) A flowering Yucca Plant near Zion National Park.

Desert FlowersDesert Flowers (05/27/2003)

Prickly PearPrickly Pear (05/27/2003) A pink variety of prickly pear cactus along the Angels Landing Trail.

Spring BloomSpring Bloom (06/02/2002)

FlowersFlowers (06/03/2002) What the camera focuses on is always a mystery.

DahliaDahlia (09/20/2002) A Dahlia at the Western Colorado Botanical Garden.

Solar Powered FlowerSolar Powered Flower (05/19/2006) This is a really cool gift I got for my sister. The solar unit stores a charge during the day. The charger then lights up the fiber optics during the night. The unit is designed to mark paths in the garden.

Solar Powered FlowerSolar Powered Flower (05/19/2006) This is the Solar Powered Flower charging. There is a long cord, so the flower can be in the shade, and the charger in the sun.

Flowering CactusFlowering Cactus (05/25/2006) Flowering Cactus (Utah Prickly Pear - Opuntia polyacantha ).

Love in a MistLove in a Mist (05/22/2006) Love in a Mist (Nigella damascena) is a popular garden flower, the distinctive seed pods are often included in dried flower arrangements.

AlyssumAlyssum (05/25/2006) The Alyssum (Lobularia in the Brassicaceae family).

Love in a MistLove in a Mist (05/25/2006) Love-In-A-Mist (Nigella spp.) is an interesting addition to the garden.

Globe MallowGlobe Mallow (05/25/2006) The Desert Globe Mallow is an ideal plant for low water gardens in the Mountain West. The Mallow ins genus Sphaeralcea in the Malvaceae family.

Salt Lake GardenSalt Lake Garden (05/25/2006) A low water garden in Salt Lake City with a combination of native and traditional garden flowers.

YarrowYarrow (05/25/2006) There are species of Yarrow native to the Western US, and specias imported from Europe along with many hybrids. Yarrow is a popular garden plant and medicinal herb.

Common SageCommon Sage (05/25/2006) A culinary herb (Salvia spp. in the Lamiaceae family).

Common SageCommon Sage (05/25/2006) Bundles of common sage.

Blue FlaxBlue Flax (05/25/2006) Blue Flax (Family: Linaceae, Genus: Linum)

136 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-136

Flower Power

Flowers are great picture subjects. It is extremely difficult to take good flower pictures with a standard autofocus digital camera. I recently upgrade to a Nikon D10 Digital SLR. The Single Lens Reflect camera gives me greater control over focussing on the flowers. I am using a 28-90mm lens. Professional photographers are would likely use a more expensive micro lens for this type of photography.

This gallery shows garden flowers. Please see the page Wild Flower to view native wild flowers. As I now have several hundred pictures, I also list Flowers by Family.


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Utah State (53 pictures) Most of these pictures came from Utah.

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