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PenstemonPenstemon (05/31/2006) This might be a firecracker penstemon.

CoreopsisCoreopsis (05/31/2006) Bright yellow coreopsis.

Desert Four O ClocksDesert Four O Clocks (06/20/2006) Desert Four O'Clocks (Mirabilis multiflora of the Nyctaginaceae family) are an ideal addition to native low water gardens in the mountain west. These perennial bloom each even with many flowers.

CosmosCosmos (07/01/2006) Flower of the Cosmos (The Mexican Aster). This is the Asteracea family.

Bee on a DaylilyBee on a Daylily (07/01/2006) A bee at work on a daylily.

SedumSedum (07/09/2006) The Sedum is a popular ground cover. The Genus contains some 400 species. As I recall this is Dragons Blood (Stonecrop). It is in the Orpine family.

Day LilyDay Lily (07/01/2006) Day Lily in bloom.

Rocky Mountain Bee PlantRocky Mountain Bee Plant (06/08/2006) The Rocky Mountain Bee Plant (Cleome spp.) is a member of the Capparaceae family. It can grow up to four feet tall. It produces flowers throughout the summer, and attracts bees, lots of bees of every variety. It is a great addition to a Mountain West gard

Rocky Mountain Bee PlantRocky Mountain Bee Plant (06/08/2006) Flowers of the Rocky Mountain Bee Plant.

Flowering CactusFlowering Cactus (06/08/2006) Flowering Cactus.

Flowering CactusFlowering Cactus (06/08/2006) Flowering Cactus in our garden.

Desert Four O ClocksDesert Four O Clocks (06/08/2006) The Desert Four O'Clock (Mirabilis spp.) is a showy flower that tends to blossom each afternoon. Four O'Clocks are placed in their own family with the Latin name Nyctaginaceae. This is a great addition to native gardens in the Western US.

Iris in the RainIris in the Rain (05/03/2007) This picture shows a garden iris in the rain. My photography book says you can capture this effect with a spray bottle. Hah! A real photographer waits until it is raining and gets wet. The Iris is a member of the Iridaceae family.

Easter FlowersEaster Flowers (04/12/2009) Deer had eaten most of the Easter Flowers. These Hyacinth were protected by a cactus.

Mother s Day FlowersMother s Day Flowers (05/24/2010) For mothers day, garden flowers. The flowers in the foreground are native pussytoes ... going to seed.

Love in a Cactus MistLove in a Cactus Mist (06/06/2010) Blue Love-In-A-Mist (Nigella damascena) flowers framed by bright yellow cactus.

136 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 121-136

Flower Power

Flowers are great picture subjects. It is extremely difficult to take good flower pictures with a standard autofocus digital camera. I recently upgrade to a Nikon D10 Digital SLR. The Single Lens Reflect camera gives me greater control over focussing on the flowers. I am using a 28-90mm lens. Professional photographers are would likely use a more expensive micro lens for this type of photography.

This gallery shows garden flowers. Please see the page Wild Flower to view native wild flowers. As I now have several hundred pictures, I also list Flowers by Family.


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