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PictographsPictographs (06/01/2002) A pictograph panel. The sign attributes these to the Sheep Eater Indians that inhabited the area from about 8100 to 2500 years ago.

Potash PetroglyphsPotash Petroglyphs (10/15/2005) Petroglyphs on the Potash Road (SW of Moab).

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Pictographs are painted with colors from natural sources. Yellow ochre, pinyon gum and sumac were used to make the black coloring.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel. Skilled artists have been able to repair some of the damage done by vandals. Some damage is beyond repair.

Rain AngelsRain Angels (09/19/2002) Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel. Red ochre and the roots of mountain mahogany were used to make red coloring. Some call these the 'Rain Angels'.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Many experts believe the Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel was the work of the Barrier Canyon People about 2000 years ago and older. They did not have pottery.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel. For more information write the Utah Rock Art Research Assn., P.O. Box 511324, SLC, UT 84151

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel. These petroglyphs were carved on the same panel as the Barrier Culture pictographs. Perhaps to ward off evil spirits.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Buckhorn Wash Pictograph Panel. Look but don't touch

Salmon River PictographSalmon River Pictograph (06/01/2002) A pictograph panel from the Sheep Eater Indians who inhabited this area from 8100-2500 years ago.

Indian ShelterIndian Shelter (06/01/2002) A small indian shelter in the Salmon River Canyon.

MoonflowerMoonflower (09/28/2004) The Moonflower Petroglyph panel on Kane Creek Road.

Moonflower PetroglyphsMoonflower Petroglyphs (09/28/2004) The Moonflower Petroglyph panel in the Colorado River canyons near Moab.

Moonflower LadderMoonflower Ladder (09/28/2004) Native Americans constructed a ladder by jamming logs in the cliff side. It is suspected that Moonflower Canyon was a sacred spot used in many ceremonies.

Moonflower PetroglyphsMoonflower Petroglyphs (09/28/2004) The Moonflower Petroglyphs.

Ebenezer PictographsEbenezer Pictographs (06/01/2002) The Sheep Eater Indians left a small shelter and pictograph panel in the granite walls near Ebenezer bar on the Salmon River in central Idaho.

Rock GardenRock Garden (06/12/2007) This garden in the avenues displays replicas of desert petroglyphs.

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Many canyon walls bear the rock art of the ancients. The most common forms of rock art are: petroglyphs (carved into the stone) and pictographs (painted with natural dyes).

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Buckhorn Wash (104 pictures) Buckhorn Wash in the San Rafael Swell has several easily accessible panels of rock art.


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