Shoup, Idaho

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Shoup StoreShoup Store (06/01/2002)

MemorialMemorial (06/01/2002) Herny Clay Merrett drown on the Salmon River near this spot, he was instrumental in the development of Shoup.

Spring Creek MemorialSpring Creek Memorial (06/01/2002)

Henry Clay MerrittHenry Clay Merritt (06/01/2002) Henry Clay Merritt, superintendent fo the Kentuck Mine near Shoup, drown some 10 miles upstream in 1884. When Merritt and his crew were docking their supply boat, he apparently became entangled in the lines and was pulled overboard.

Shoup, IdahoShoup, Idaho (06/01/2002) The bustling metropolis of Shoup, Idaho on the Salmon River.

Shoup, IdahoShoup, Idaho (06/01/2002) Named after Col. George H. Shoup 1836-1904. A soldier, pioneer, Governor of the Territory and later the state. Also served as United States Senator.

Shoup StoreShoup Store (06/01/2002)

Shoup, IdahoShoup, Idaho (06/01/2002) A picture of Shoup, Idaho from downriver.

Residential DistrictResidential District (06/01/2002) The residential district of Shoup, Idaho.

Gas PumpsGas Pumps (06/01/2002) The town is Electrically Challenged, and is one of the few places that still uses the classic hand pumps to dispense gasoline.

HomesteadHomestead (06/01/2002) A comfortable looking homestead just out of Shoup.

Ghost TownGhost Town (06/01/2002) Some of the abandonned cabins outside of Shoup.

Abandonned DreamsAbandonned Dreams (06/01/2002)

Mining TownMining Town (06/01/2002)

Gold Hill MineGold Hill Mine (06/01/2002)

Gold Hill MineGold Hill Mine (06/01/2002)

Salmon River RoadSalmon River Road (06/01/2002) The Gold Hill mine is around the first corner. Shoup is around the second corner.

Gold Hill MineGold Hill Mine (06/01/2002)

Gold Hill MineGold Hill Mine (06/01/2002) A blurry picture of the bull skeleton and mining pan-an interesting collection of stuff for a near ghost town area.

Salmon RiverSalmon River (06/01/2002) A water drop on the lens makes this picture of the Salmon River a tad fuzzy.

Picture in the RainPicture in the Rain (06/01/2002) The rain on the lens made for interesting effects. These are probably some old dorms for miners.

Slow DownSlow Down (06/02/2002) or you will miss the town.

Gold Hill MineGold Hill Mine (06/01/2002) You can tour the historic Gold Hill mine near Shoup, Idaho.

Gold Hill MineGold Hill Mine (06/01/2002)

1-24 Pictures

Shoup, Idaho is a dot on the map in central Idaho on the Salmon River. Shoup is in one of the last heavily developed areas of the United States. The town was named after Col. George H. Shoup 1836-1904, who served as territorial governor, and later elected governor of Idaho.

In it's heyday, Shoup was a mining town, and had houses on both sides of the road. Today you can take tours of the mine and stop in the general store for a milk shake and burger.

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Salmon River (137 pictures) Shoup is on the Salmon River.

Lewis and Clark (13 pictures) William Clark would have passed near Shoup in an attempt to see if the Salmon River were navigable. He turned around a few miles down river.

Salmon River Drive (79 pictures) Shoup, Idaho began as a mining town on the Salmon River. Today it has a gas station and general store.


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