Salicaceae Family

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Green Aspen GroveGreen Aspen Grove (06/15/2006) The sun shining through the aspen grove gave an interesting green sensation which I tried to capture.

Green Aspen GroveGreen Aspen Grove (06/15/2006) The sun shining through the aspen gave a strong sense of green.

Aspen ForestAspen Forest (06/06/2006) An aspen forest along the Upper Setting Road in the Uinta Mountains.

Twin Lakes TrailTwin Lakes Trail (06/08/2006) The Twin Lakes Trail just above Silver Lake.

Collapsed CabinCollapsed Cabin (06/08/2006) An abandonned collapsed cabin in an aspen grove above Silver Lake.

Through the AspenThrough the Aspen (10/03/2006) The Alpine Loop road winds through an aspen grove.

Aspen GroveAspen Grove (10/03/2006) An aspen grove on the Alpine Loop Road.

A Road through the AspenA Road through the Aspen (10/03/2006) Aspen lining the Alpine Loop road.

Desert PlateauDesert Plateau (10/01/2006) Aspen in the Cedar City area

Cedar CanyonCedar Canyon (10/01/2006) Looking back down SR14 toward Cedar City and aspen covered mountains of Utah.

AspenAspen (05/15/2007) This is an arsty shot of an aspen. Unfortunately, most of the Aspen near the trail had been marred by initial carvers.

Aspen ForestAspen Forest (05/15/2007) The Mill B trail heads through a section of aspen forest.

AspenAspen (05/15/2007) Aspen along the Lake Blanche Trail.

Cottonwood TreeCottonwood Tree (04/04/2001)

Cottonwood TreeCottonwood Tree (04/04/2001)

Cottonwood TreeCottonwood Tree (04/04/2001)

Cottonwood TreeCottonwood Tree (04/04/2001)

Cottonwood PlaygroundCottonwood Playground (09/28/2004) A playground carved from a tree in Moab's Rotary Park.

Modified FenceModified Fence (09/28/2004) The fence provides a little bit of privacy from the town trail system. The designer of this fence gracefully modified his design for the benefit of a Cottonwood Tree.

Filtered AspenFiltered Aspen (10/09/2007) I took this shot of a grove of aspen on the Mount Aire Trail with my circular polarized filter.

44 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-44

Poplar Family

The Salicaceae Family includes several notable genres of trees including the Poplar, Aspen, Willow and Cottonwood.

Aspen groves are always a favorite subject of photographers. Aspen have a unique ability to glisten. The aspen leaves turn a bright yellow in the Fall. Usually an entire colony will change color at the same time making for uniform colors or defined splotches of color on mountainsides.

Cottonwoods are a fast growing tree. They are noted for their ability to survive in extremely hot dry climates. You will often find lone groves of Cottonwood growing along watering holes of the desert.

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Trees (25 pictures) Most members of the Salicaceae Family are considered trees.

Alpine Loop (101 pictures) The Alpine Loop around Mount Timpanogos brings the traveler through an intriguing grove of Aspen that contrasts with the towering mountains.

Big Cottonwood Canyon (151 pictures) Big Cottonwood Canyon was named for a tree at the base of the canyon during the days of the pioneers.


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