Salmon, Idaho

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Fire BusFire Bus (10/24/2001) The white fire bus makes an interesting addition to the picture.

Rivers EdgeRivers Edge (09/19/2001) I thought I would take picture of all the buildings on the sunny side of the street.

McPherson sMcPherson s (09/19/2001)

Salmon Fire DepartmentSalmon Fire Department (09/19/2001)

Lemhi County CourthouseLemhi County Courthouse (09/19/2001) The County Courthouse is on the bar hill, a short walk from downtown.

Ponderosa GalleryPonderosa Gallery (09/19/2001)

The Owl ClubThe Owl Club (09/19/2001) Every town needs a big old wooden owl to adorn the local hot spot.

Old Fashioned Ice CreamOld Fashioned Ice Cream (09/19/2001)

GoatsGoats (09/19/2001) A small herd of goats two blocks off main street.

Java MonJava Mon (09/19/2001) A three faced head--adorns the parking lot of Island Park.

ChurchChurch (09/19/2001)

ChurchChurch (09/19/2001) You know, I should bring a notebook along when I take pictures, and I could write down the names of these places. Anyway, this glass window greets people as they climb the bar hill. (09/19/2001) The inspiring towers of, Salmon's leading web design specialists. (This was taken before the stock market collapse.)

The Bar HillThe Bar Hill (09/19/2001) Built in the depression by the Civilian Conservation corpse, a large stone retaining wall provides a pleasant view for people walking up the bar hill.

Island ParkIsland Park (09/19/2001)

SunsetSunset (12/30/2001) The sun plays games in the upper peaks of the bear tooth mountains.

Morning Sun in SalmonMorning Sun in Salmon (02/05/2001) Taken from near the Salmon River Bridge. The morning sun is hitting the top of the mountains.

Bar HillBar Hill (02/05/2001) The Bar Hill in the morning light.

Main Street RealtyMain Street Realty (02/05/2001) I am taking pictures of different businesses in Salmon.

Episcopal ChurchEpiscopal Church (02/05/2001)

84 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-84

Salmon, Idaho

Salmon, Idaho is the county seat of Lemhi County. The region is reknown as the birth place of Sacajawea and played an important role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Salmon, Idaho is on the Salmon River basin in central Idaho. It is nestled between the Lemhi, Bitterroot and Salmon Mountains. It is one of the most remote areas in the continental US. The main industries in the region are: ranching, mining and tourism.


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Salmon River (137 pictures) Salmon Idaho is on the confluence of the Salmon and Lemhi rivers.

Salmon River Bridge (37 pictures) Island park, on Salmon River is a great place to walk the dog, or rest under the shade of the Salmon Bridge.

Highway 93 (207 pictures) Highway 93 runs through Salmon where it intersects Highway 28.

Idaho State (5 pictures) Salmon is in Idaho

Chuches of Salmon Idaho (10 pictures) Salmon has an interesting collection of quaint churches.

State Highway 28 (38 pictures) Highway 28 is the quickest way to Idaho Falls, and all places south or east of Salmon.

North Fork, Idaho (15 pictures) North Fork Idaho is on US93, north of Salmon.

Carmen, Idaho (12 pictures) Carmen, Idaho is just north of Salmon.


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