Salmon, Idaho

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Main StreetMain Street (05/01/2010) Main Street Salmon, Idaho.

Whiskey WilliesWhiskey Willies (05/01/2010) Whiskey Willys is a drinking establishment on main street in Salmon Idaho.

Salmon MainSalmon Main (05/01/2010) Main Street in Salmon, Idaho.

Odd Fellows BakeryOdd Fellows Bakery (05/01/2010) Odd Fellows is a new bakery serving artisan bread and patisseries in Salmon, Idaho.

Ace HardwareAce Hardware (05/01/2010) Ace Hardware in downtown Salmon, Idaho. (Note, you can order online and pick up at the local Ace store. Click picture for details).

Saint CharlesSaint Charles (05/01/2010) Saint Charles Catholic Church in Salmon, Idaho.

Heated By BiomassHeated By Biomass (05/01/2010) I stayed in a house that had a wood stove. It is fun to be heated by biomass ... although wood fires make for a smokey town.

Salmon in the MistSalmon in the Mist (05/01/2010) A mist helps emphasize the mountain wilderness outside Salmon, Idaho.

Pink and Yellow HousePink and Yellow House (05/01/2010) Realty firms painted houses houses on Main bright pink and yellow to help stand out.

Salmon GrangeSalmon Grange (05/01/2010) A building off Main Street in Salmon Idaho.

McPherson sMcPherson s (05/01/2010) McPherson's is a traditional family owned clothier serving Salmon, Idaho.

Library BenchLibrary Bench (05/01/2010) A bench outside the Salmon Library.

Salmon MountainsSalmon Mountains (05/01/2010) The Salmon Mountains viewed from Main.

Lemhi County MuseumLemhi County Museum (02/05/2001) The Lemhi County Museum on Main Street in Salmon, Idaho.

The Salmon BearThe Salmon Bear (10/25/2007) This bear recently appeared in downtown Salmon near the Library.

Salmon River ParkSalmon River Park (10/25/2007) This pavilion is part of extension of Salmon River Park.

Salmon at DuskSalmon at Dusk (10/25/2007) Salmon, Idaho at dusk.

The Three SistersThe Three Sisters (10/24/2001) The Three Sisters in the Bitterroot Mountains tower over the small town of Salmon, Idaho.

Three SistersThree Sisters (10/24/2001) Another view of the Three Sisters from the bar hill.

View from the bar hillView from the bar hill (10/24/2001) It took a little bit of walking around to find a good, unobstructed view of the mountains.

84 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-84

Salmon, Idaho

Salmon, Idaho is the county seat of Lemhi County. The region is reknown as the birth place of Sacajawea and played an important role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Salmon, Idaho is on the Salmon River basin in central Idaho. It is nestled between the Lemhi, Bitterroot and Salmon Mountains. It is one of the most remote areas in the continental US. The main industries in the region are: ranching, mining and tourism.


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Salmon River (137 pictures) Salmon Idaho is on the confluence of the Salmon and Lemhi rivers.

Salmon River Bridge (37 pictures) Island park, on Salmon River is a great place to walk the dog, or rest under the shade of the Salmon Bridge.

Highway 93 (207 pictures) Highway 93 runs through Salmon where it intersects Highway 28.

Idaho State (5 pictures) Salmon is in Idaho

Chuches of Salmon Idaho (10 pictures) Salmon has an interesting collection of quaint churches.

State Highway 28 (38 pictures) Highway 28 is the quickest way to Idaho Falls, and all places south or east of Salmon.

North Fork, Idaho (15 pictures) North Fork Idaho is on US93, north of Salmon.

Carmen, Idaho (12 pictures) Carmen, Idaho is just north of Salmon.


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