Grand Mesa

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Delta ValleyDelta Valley (09/21/2002) From Grand Mesa.

Grand MesaGrand Mesa (09/21/2002)

Highway 65Highway 65 (09/21/2002)

Grand Mesa FieldGrand Mesa Field (09/21/2002)

Grand MesaGrand Mesa (09/21/2002) The top of the mesa consists of rolling hills.

Grand MesaGrand Mesa (09/21/2002)

Colorado FarmColorado Farm (09/21/2002) This little open farm area is on the shoulder of Grand Mesa (US65) near Orchard City. An interesting contrast between the desolate desert hills and the verdant green valley.

AspenAspen (07/04/2001) Aspen on the Grand Mesa in Central Colorado.

Grand Mesa ViewGrand Mesa View (09/20/2002) The Grand Mesa viewed from Grande River Winery in Palisade, Colorado.

Morning LightMorning Light (09/20/2002) I was trying to take artsy pictures early in the morning.

Aspen ForestAspen Forest (09/20/2002) An aspen forest on Grand Mesa.

Aspen ForestAspen Forest (09/20/2002)

Cabin and SchoolhouseCabin and Schoolhouse (09/21/2002) The Sand Creek School House and an 1881 log cabin. They are part of the Pioneer Town Museum in Cedaredge (US 65) on the shoulders of Grand Mesa.

View Toward Maroon BellsView Toward Maroon Bells (09/21/2002) A view from State 133 toward the Maroon Bells.

34 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-34

Grand Mesa is the world's largest flat top mountain. It is in western Colorado, overlooking Grand Junction. The mountain was formed by lava flows and glaciers. The top of the mountain is a hard lava cap. It appears as though the surrounding sandstone dominated terrains eroded away, leaving the mesa standing tall.

The height of the mountain ranges from 4000 to over 11,000 feet. I found a site that reported the higest point was 11,234 feet, and that the average elevation of the mountain was over 9000 feet. NOTE different sites report different elevation figures.

This gallery has pictures that we took on a tour in late August on the Highway 65 Scenic Byway.

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Grand Junction, Colorado (95 pictures) Grand Mesa is east of Grand Junction, Colorado.

Interstate 70 (51 pictures) Scenic Route 65 is exit 49 off Interstate 70.

Salicaceae Family (44 pictures) The mesa is lousy with Colorado quaking aspen.

Cedaredge, Colorado (9 pictures) Cedaredge is on the southeast slopes of Grand Mesa. The town has an interesting pioneer museum.

State Highway 133 (29 pictures) Highway 133 is south of Grand Mesa.


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