Public Art Works

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Holladay EagleHolladay Eagle (10/20/2017) A stately eagle is perched by the sidewalk near an office building in Holladay.

Science and TechnologyScience and Technology (01/18/2013) A statue at the Capitol symbolizes the role of science and technology in our communities.

Kids on StiltsKids on Stilts (12/23/2013) Just a warning to kids, if you walk on stilts in the Newpark area, they will bronze you. It happened to these kids and can easily happen again.

Bike ChainBike Chain (12/23/2013) A section of a bicycle chain broke off and was left abandoned near the Swaner EcoCenter. (I would had to see the bike). The bike this came from must be huge!

Children at PlayChildren at Play (07/24/2007) A fun statue with children playing in Liberty Park.

TileTile (05/30/2013) This tile adorns one of the older structures on State Street across from the City Creek Center.

Pioneer Memorial StatuePioneer Memorial Statue (07/04/2009) A monument to the Utah Pioneering Spirit.

Leaky PipeLeaky Pipe (10/25/2007) A pipe art sculpture on display at the Fort Missoula museum

Mormon Batallion MonumentMormon Batallion Monument (07/04/2009) A new monument commemorates the Mormon Battalion which marched across the American West in the Mexican American war.

Moose on the LooseMoose on the Loose (06/12/2008) There is a cool wire frame moose at the Hotel Park City. [Click the Picture for information on Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.]

Skyline EagleSkyline Eagle (03/18/2008) A bronze relief of the Skyline Eagle Mascot adorns the main hall of the school.

Flower ChildFlower Child (04/30/2008) This bronze statue celebrates the flowers of Spring in downtown Ogden.

Eagle StatueEagle Statue (10/25/2007) A regal eagle guards the Southern Entrance to Liberty Park.

Kayak BenchKayak Bench (04/30/2008) This clever construction of a bench has a kayaking theme.

4500 South Abutment Pattern4500 South Abutment Pattern (10/25/2007) This picture shows one side of the pattern built into the abutments. I would like to go over and take a picture of the other side, but it appears that someone moved the bridge!!! It is now common to adorn bridges with public art.

Chief WasatchChief Wasatch (10/02/2007) This statue at the Murray City Park on State Street commemorates Chief Wasatch.

Book ReadersBook Readers (06/12/2007) Statues of two young readers outside the Salt Lake City Library.

CartwheelsCartwheels (06/12/2007) Two bronze children engage a perpetual cartwheel outside the Salt Lake City Library.

Statues at PlayStatues at Play (06/12/2007) Statues at Play at the Salt Lake County Libary.

Olmec HeadOlmec Head (08/07/2007) This Olmec Head is on display at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center in West Valley City. The head originated from near Veracruz

55 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-55

Public Art Works

Many towns celebrate their community with public displays of art. This gallery shows select images of public art works.

Mister Art

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Memorials (14 pictures) The memorial page shows art displays constructed to remember people or events.


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