Fruita, Colorado

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Colorado Welcome CenterColorado Welcome Center (09/19/2002) You can get a cup of coffee and a map, brochures and more at the new Colorado Welcome Center in Fruita Colorado. This is a nice place to stop and stretch your legs. There is a dinosaur museum across the road.

FruitaFruita (09/20/2002) A picture of Fruita from the Colorado National Monument.

EmuEmu (09/20/2002) A little bit out of place. This emu farm is on the banks of the Colorado River outside Fruita, Co.

Dinosaur Valley MuseumDinosaur Valley Museum (09/20/2002) A passenger car has been transformed into a tourist attraction, next to the parking lot of the Dinosaur Valley Museum on the Fruita exit.

Fruita United Methodist ChurchFruita United Methodist Church (09/20/2002) History

Fruita HomeFruita Home (09/20/2002)

Sacred Heart Church in FruitaSacred Heart Church in Fruita (09/20/2002) Catholic Church in Fruita's Sacred Heart Diocese.

Fruita ChurchFruita Church (09/20/2002)

FruitaFruita (09/20/2002)

Fruita Assembly of GodFruita Assembly of God (09/20/2002)

Downtown Fruita, ColoradoDowntown Fruita, Colorado (09/20/2002)

Dinosaur RacksDinosaur Racks (09/20/2002) A clever design for bicycle racks. Fruita, in the Colorado Plateau, is a Mecca for cyclists.

Dino RacksDino Racks (09/20/2002) An extinct species of bicycle rack.

Fruita DinosaurFruita Dinosaur (09/20/2002) This friendly fellow greets visitors to Fruita. I liked this picture, as the dinosaur looks toward its future as a tank of gas.

Park HotelPark Hotel (09/20/2002) On the Dinosaur Park circle in Fruita.

Fruita DinosaurFruita Dinosaur (09/20/2002)

Main DragMain Drag (09/20/2002)

Downtown FruitaDowntown Fruita (09/20/2002)

Fruita Middle SchoolFruita Middle School (09/20/2002)

Fruita ChurchFruita Church (09/20/2002)

Bicycles MuralBicycles Mural (09/20/2002) A tasteful mural adorns one of Fruita's bicycle shops.

Friuta La QuintaFriuta La Quinta (10/22/2005) This is the last hotel between Fruita and Green River, Ut.

Welcome to ColoradoWelcome to Colorado (10/22/2005) Welcome to Colorado sign with granery in the distance.

Colorado Welcome CenterColorado Welcome Center (10/22/2005) The Colorado Welcome Center at the Fruita Exit.

Colorado RiverColorado River (09/20/2002) The bridge on Highway 340 between Fruita and the Colorado National Monument.

Heart of the Grand ValleyHeart of the Grand Valley (09/20/2002) The Colorado River (south of Fruita) is the heart of the Grand Valley.

Veterans MemorialVeterans Memorial (10/22/2005) The Veterans Memorial adjacent to the Colorado Welcome Center at the Fruita exit.

Colorado Welcome CenterColorado Welcome Center (10/22/2005) Colorado Welcome Center at the Fruita Exit.

Dinosaur Journey MuseumDinosaur Journey Museum (09/20/2002) The Dinosaur Journey Museum at the Fruita Exit on I70

1-29 Pictures

Fruita is an agricultural community on Colorado's West Slope. It was founded in 1883 by Colorado Laureate William E. Pabor. The town quickly reached international renown with its fresh fruits which were exported around the world.

The town also received fame in association with Elmer S. Riggs discovery of almost complete dinosaur fossils in Riggs Hill and Dinosaur Hill (south of Fruita).

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Interstate 70 (51 pictures) Fruita is at exit 19 off Interstate. This exit houses the Colorado Welcome Center and Dinosaur Journey Museum.

Grand Junction, Colorado (95 pictures) The town is west of Grand Junction.

Colorado National Monument (66 pictures) Fruita is the gateway to the Western Entrance of the Colorado National Monument.

Colorado River (96 pictures) Fruita is on the Colorado (formerly Grand) River in the Grand River Valley.

Dinosaur Hill (19 pictures) In 1900 and 1901, Elmer S. Riggs made major fossil finds on Dinosaur Hill (a Apotasaurus and Brachiosaurus)


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