Book Cliffs

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Thompson ExitThompson Exit (09/19/2002) The book cliffs from Thompson exit on Interstate 70.

Mount GarfieldMount Garfield (09/18/2002) Mount Garfield marks the eastern end of the Book Cliffs. The mountain is one of the more notable land marks in the Grand Valley.

Mount GarfieldMount Garfield (09/19/2002) I took this picture a few miles east of Grand Junction as it contrasts the rich farm land of the valley with the desolate desert beyond.

Distant CliffsDistant Cliffs (09/19/2002) The Book Cliffs form the horizon on the far end of the Grand Valley

Book Cliff ViewBook Cliff View (09/19/2002) The Book Cliff View from Colorado National Monument

1-5 Pictures

The Book Cliffs are on the Southern End of the massive Tavaputs Plateau in Eastern Utah and Western Colorado. The book cliffs are part of the largest section of the United States that is not bisected by a road. You can see the Book Cliffs from I70 from Green River to Grand Junction, Colorado.

Finish Line

Context: Desert

Grand Junction, Colorado (95 pictures) Mount Garfield in the Book Cliffs, is north east of Grand Junction.

Desolation Canyon (169 pictures) Desolation and Gray Canyon on the Green River cut through the Tavaputs Plateau and break out of the Book Cliffs at Gunnison Butte, just north of Green River, Utah.

Interstate 70 (51 pictures) The Book Cliffs dominate the view north of I70 from Green River, Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado

Colorado River (96 pictures) The Colorado River flows the the south of the Book Cliffs.

Colorado National Monument (66 pictures) Colorado National Monument is on the south side of the Grand Valley.

Grand Mesa (34 pictures) Grand Mesa is a large flat top mountain just south east of Mount Garfield.

Fruita, Colorado (29 pictures) Fruita is at the base of the Book Cliffs (to the north)


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