Sula, Montana

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Sula-during constructionSula-during construction (06/02/2002) The quaint little mountain town of Sula during the massive Highway 93 widening.

Sula Road CutSula Road Cut (06/02/2002) A road cut on U93 in Sula, Montana.

Sula Country Store and RestaurantSula Country Store and Restaurant (06/02/2002) The East Fork of the Bitterroot turns north at Sula and heads toward Missoula.

Bitterroot RiverBitterroot River (06/02/2002) The Bitterroot River in Sula.

Bitterroot FireBitterroot Fire (08/06/2000) This famous public domain photo was taken by John McColgan on 8/6/2000 from the Bridge on U93 over the East Fork of the Bitterroot near Sula. The site has a copy of the higher resolution image.

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Sula, Montana (population 10) is a quaint mountain setting on highway 93. Although the town is little more than a gas station, bar and post office in a wide open valley. It was once one of the most picturesque towns on highway 93. It will be interesting to see how the town fairs after the massive highway 93 construction, that leaves the town facing a superhighway and a massive road cut.

Lewis and Clark passed through the area in September 1805 where the Corps of Discovery met a party of Salish Indians. Lewis and Clark referred to the tribe as the Flathead. 

In March 1824, Alexander Ross and company spent a miserable month camped near Sula as they waited for the southern passes to clear. They named the area the Valley of Troubles and it took on the name Ross' Hole.

The town was named for Ursula Thompson [ref] the first white child born in the area.

You can see the fire damage from the fires that ravaged Montana during the 2000 fire season. See Book Montana on Fire.

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Highway 93 (207 pictures) Sula is on U93, a few miles north of the Montana Border.

Lewis and Clark (13 pictures) Lewis and Clark met the Salish Indians near Sula.

Missoula, Montana (62 pictures) Sula is a few hours drive from Missoula.

The Bitterroot (65 pictures) Sula is on the East Fork of the Bitterroot River-toward the upper end of the Bitterroot Valley.

Darby, Montana. (26 pictures) Sula is south of Darby, Montana on U93.

Sula, Montana (5 pictures) is north of Darby on US 93.


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