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Rocket Stove in ActionRocket Stove in Action (06/06/2010) With a rocket stove, just a few twigs and small branches (scrap wood) make for a contained fire with very little smoke. This flame cooked a pot of chili.

Rocket StoveRocket Stove (06/06/2010) A cooking fire contained in a rocket stove.

Don Mackey MemorialDon Mackey Memorial (10/25/2007) This is a memorial to smokejumper Don Mackey of Montana who perished during the Storm King Fire in Colorado on July 6, 1994.

Tooth PicksTooth Picks (06/02/2002) The Bitterroot Mountains after the fires.

Hill Side TextureHill Side Texture (06/02/2002)

Bitterroot FireBitterroot Fire (08/06/2000) This famous public domain photo was taken by John McColgan on 8/6/2000 from the Bridge on U93 over the East Fork of the Bitterroot near Sula. The site has a copy of the higher resolution image.

Kitchen FireKitchen Fire (07/01/2007) The Fire Department responds to a kitchen fire.

Victor Fire DepartmentVictor Fire Department (10/25/2007) The Victor Volunteer Fire Department stands at the ready in Western Montana.

FireFire (05/01/2010) A wood fire in a house in Salmon.

FiresideFireside (05/01/2010) Sitting by a really large fire in a really large fire place. Connie is player #2 in Juggleball.

1-10 Pictures

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