Papaveraceae Family

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Study in RedStudy in Red (06/24/2009) A red California poppy against a red brick building.

Red PoppyRed Poppy (06/24/2009) A big red poppy in the garden.

Burgundy PoppiesBurgundy Poppies (06/18/2009) This poppy has deep red blossoms.

Deep Red PoppyDeep Red Poppy (06/18/2009) This California Poppy is deep and red.

Poppy in the RainPoppy in the Rain (05/03/2007) A California Poppy during a break in the Spring storms.

California PoppyCalifornia Poppy (05/10/2009) Three California Poppies are lined up against a red brick wall.

California PoppyCalifornia Poppy (05/10/2009) A closeup of a California Poppy and buds.

PoppyPoppy (05/31/2002) Close up of an orange poppy. Poppies are an imported flower.

PoppyPoppy (05/31/2002) Close up of a Poppy.

PoppyPoppy (04/30/2003)

Poppy Seed PodsPoppy Seed Pods (07/01/2006) Pods of the California Poppy.

Ready for SpringReady for Spring (04/30/2003) The first poppy blooms as the plant prepares for a colorful Spring.

Red PoppyRed Poppy (06/08/2006) A red poppy against bricks.

Poppies in the RainPoppies in the Rain (05/03/2007) Here is further proof that poppies are from a different planet.

1-14 Pictures

Papaveraceae Family

The Poppy is a showy flower in the Ranunculales Order (closely related to the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae). Poppies have one stem crowned with a large flower. Most poppies produce poisonous alkaloids. The most notorious poppy is the Papaver somniferum (Opium Poppy) used to make pain killers and illicit drugs. The plant produces many small seeds which are sometimes found on bagels or in muffins.

The Poppy is the California State Flower (Eschscholzia californica) ... which can help explain California.

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