Buckhorn Wash

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Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Fresg gravel on the road. A grader and at least 3 large gravel trucks went through early in the morning.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Different layers of sandstone.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) sanstone cliffs

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Sandstone formations.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) There was a lot of rabbit brush in bloom

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) The creek bed is flat, almost like a road.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Sign by the road said 'Mossback Formation'.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Mossback Formation. We are 9 miles from where we first entered the canyon.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Lower Buckhorn Wash

MoenkopiMoenkopi (09/19/2002) A sign said Moenkopi Formation. It is the light colored slope in the foreground. It is crumbly and erodes easily.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Moenkopi Formation

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Lower Buckhorn Wash

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) As we come out of Buckhorn Wash it widens into a valley.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Looking back at Buckhorn Wash.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Various formations of Buckhorn Wash.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Lower end of Buckhorn Wash.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Interesting layer erosion patterns in this formation.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) This apprears to be a natural cut through the Moenkopi Formation.

Buckhorn WashBuckhorn Wash (09/19/2002) Note the humand erosion pattern.

San Rafael BridgeSan Rafael Bridge (09/19/2002) Bridge over the San Rafael River, with Bottle Neck Peak. We are about ten miles from where we entered Buckhorn Wash yeaterday. Nearby is a large campground and a dirt road to Mexican Mountain.

104 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 61-80 , 80-100 , 100-104

Buckhorn Wash

Buckhorn Wash is in the San Rafael Swell in central Utah. The drive through the Swell begins on a small dirt road on Highway 10, just north of Castledale, Utah. The upper portion of the road crosses the high desert plains. The road crosses through the Mancos Shale. Although the area is dry most the year, the road is completely impassable when wet.

The Buckhorn Wash breaks through the Navajo Sandstone and works its way down through towering Sandstone cliffs as you make your way to the San Rafael River. Signs along the drive tell you the names of the different sandstone layers. There are several panels of pictographs and petroglyphs along the road, making the road a delight for sight seers, geologists and anthropologists.

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Interstate 70 (51 pictures) The Buckhorn Wash road continues on after crossing the San Rafael Bridge to I70.

San Rafael Swell (18 pictures) Buckhorn Wash cuts into the center of the San Rafael Swell, providing access to the San Raphael River and Mexican Mountain.

The Wedge Overlook (23 pictures) The road to the Wedge Overlook branches off the Buckhorn Wash road about a mile before you head into the canyon. The Wedge Overlook provides and excellent view of the San Rafael canyon.


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