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Bird WatchingBird Watching (12/16/2008) The Jordan River is an ideal location for bird watching in the heart of the city.

Geese in a RowGeese in a Row (10/25/2007) A line of Geese at the Liberty Park Pond.

Mallard DuckMallard Duck (10/25/2007) A mallard duck in the Liberty Park Pond.

Mr. MallardMr. Mallard (10/25/2007) With shiny green heads, the mallard ducks are clearly the stars of the Liberty Park duck pond.

EmuEmu (09/20/2002) A little bit out of place. This emu farm is on the banks of the Colorado River outside Fruita, Co.

Blue Heron Takes to FlightBlue Heron Takes to Flight (09/02/2002) You spend the day chasing blue herons down the river. They will never let you get close enough to take a really good picture. But they are beautiful birds.

CrowingCrowing (03/10/2002) Taken at a rest stop in Northern Utah.

El JefeEl Jefe (07/24/2007) The one with the orange beak is quite clearly the boss.

Finch in the CosmosFinch in the Cosmos (08/07/2007) Finches appear to enjoy the seeds of the Cosmos. Cosmos is of the Heliantheae order in the Asteraceae family.

GeeseGeese (05/24/2007) A flock of geese at Crown Hill Park.

GeeseGeese (05/24/2007) Geese grooving around on Crown Hill Lake.

QuackerQuacker (10/02/2007) A duck in Murray Park.

An Opinion ExpressedAn Opinion Expressed (10/02/2007) A goose expressed its opinions about my photo taking.

String of BirdsString of Birds (10/25/2007) A string of birds gather on the wires to watch the humans gathered to watch the bridge.

Echo ResidentEcho Resident (02/11/2008) This resident of Echo Utah was not pleased with my taking pictures.

Little BirdieLittle Birdie (07/12/2008) This is an attempt to take a photo of a little bird pecking away at the bark of an Oak Tree.

OspreyOsprey (05/01/2010) A large bird, possibly an osprey, circled over Island Park in Salmon.

Diving HomeDiving Home (05/01/2010) The bird is diving towards its home on perch on Island Park.

LandingLanding (05/01/2010) Landing in power lines can be a jolting experience.

1-19 Pictures


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