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Into the CanyonInto the Canyon (10/24/2001) About three miles south of North Fork, the Salmon River drops into a gorge. The sun picks up the color of the fall folliage.

1-1 Pictures

Rivers lend themselves to photography. In the desert, the rich green riparian zones of the rivers provide a stark contrast to the barren landscape. Rivers are a favorite haunt for local wildlife and the reflexive surface of the water provides interesting colors and light for the photographer.

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Desolation Canyon (169 pictures) Desolation Canyon is on the Green River in Central Utah.

Salmon River (137 pictures) The Salmon River defines central Idaho, flowing from the Sawtooth Range to Hells Canyon on the Snake River in Wastern Idaho.

Snake River (14 pictures) The Snake River starts in the Grand Tetons of Western Wyoming, then works its way through Idaho and ultimately flows into the Columbia River in Washington

Colorado River (96 pictures) Pictures of the Colorado River.


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