Desolation Canyon

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Utah DesertUtah Desert (09/02/2002) Desert towers in Desolation Canyon.

River RocksRiver Rocks (09/02/2002) Sandstone boulders in the Green River.

Overhanging RockOverhanging Rock (09/02/2002) A rock on the rim over Desolation Canyon.

Cayon ButtesCayon Buttes (09/02/2002)

Distant MesaDistant Mesa (09/02/2002)

Beach ToadBeach Toad (09/02/2002) A little critter in the sand.

River CampRiver Camp (09/02/2002)

Desolate TowersDesolate Towers (09/02/2002)

Mighty River CraftMighty River Craft (09/02/2002)

PackingPacking (09/02/2002) Each day begins the the chore of loading the boats.

River SceneRiver Scene (09/02/2002)

Twisted SandstoneTwisted Sandstone (09/02/2002) A few twisted sandstone formations in Desolation Canyon.

Small ArchSmall Arch (09/02/2002) A small arch in a sandstone formation on the Green River.

Green RiverGreen River (09/02/2002)

Floating the GreenFloating the Green (09/02/2002)

CottonwoodCottonwood (09/02/2002) Taking a break under a Cottonwood.

DesolationDesolation (09/02/2002)

Low WaterLow Water (09/02/2002) Rapids at low water ... yes, you have to pull the boat through the rapids!

Rock FieldRock Field (09/02/2002) A skillful oarsman navigates a rock field on the Green.

Canyon ViewCanyon View (09/02/2002)

169 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 121-140 , 140-160 , 160-169

This is a set of pictures that I took while floating Desolation Canyon in late August 2002. The pictures are ordered from the top of the river to the bottom. There is well over a hundred pictures in this set. I present them in blocks of twenty.

We had three boats...a 16' raft and a 10' raft. I was in an Inflatable Kayak. We saw a great variety of wildlife along the shores including bears, wild horses, bighorn sheep, blue herons and the every illusive "feral cow."

Sea Eagle 330 -- The Go Anywhere Kayak For 2

Context: Desert

Utah State (53 pictures) Desolation Canyon is on the Green River in Eastern Utah. The caynon is in one of the largest sections of the United States not bisected by a road.

Rivers (1 pictures) The Green River is one of the major water ways in the Western US. Its headwaters are in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. It flows through Flaming Gorge Reservoir and cuts through Colorado and Utah before reaching the Colorado River.

Interstate 70 (51 pictures) The take out from Desolation Canyon is about 10 miles north of the East Exit for I70 in Green River, Utah. (About 50 miles north of Moab.

Colorado River (96 pictures) The Green River eventually flows into the Colorado River south of Desolation Canyon.


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