Big Cottonwood Park

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EstateEstate (03/20/2013) A grand estate viewed from big cottonwood park.

Mount OlympusMount Olympus (03/20/2013) Mount Olympus viewed from Big Cottonwood Park in Holladay.

Rec CenterRec Center (03/20/2013) The Holladay Recreation Centered by Mount Olympus (also known as the recreation center of the gods).

Holladay Recreation CenterHolladay Recreation Center (03/20/2013) The Holladay Lions Recreation Center is located on Murray Holladay Boulevard.

Holladay Lions RecreationHolladay Lions Recreation (03/20/2013) Holladay Lions Recreation Center is located in Big Cottonwood Park on the North side of Murray Holladay Boulevard.

Main PavilionMain Pavilion (04/04/2002) This is the main pavilion for the park.

Frisby GolfFrisby Golf (04/04/2002) Creekside Park sports an 18 hole frisby golf course.

Neighboring EstateNeighboring Estate (04/04/2002) This rather handsome estate sits adjacent to the park.

Disc GolfDisc Golf (04/04/2002) A disc golf course in Holladay

Hole 10Hole 10 (04/04/2002) Hole 10 provides a good view of Mount Olympus from Creekside Park.

ObstacleObstacle (04/04/2002) Cottonwood creek winds through the park, making an interesting obstacle for the frisbee golf course. If you get your frisbee caught in the stream you have to chase it down river.

Creekside Park TreesCreekside Park Trees (04/04/2002) trees

13th hole13th hole (04/04/2002) Don't get your frisby caught in a tree on the thirteenth hole!!!

Creekside Park TreesCreekside Park Trees (04/04/2002)

15th Hole15th Hole (04/04/2002)

Fitness and Recreation CenterFitness and Recreation Center (04/04/2002) The Holladay Fitness and Recreation center is across the street from Creekside Park.

Fitness CenterFitness Center (04/04/2002) The building has an interesting circular facade.

Holladay Fitness CenterHolladay Fitness Center (04/04/2002) 4800 S 1661 East. This picture of the fitness center from the rear.

Senior CenterSenior Center (04/04/2002) A view of the senior center from the hiking trails.

AntennaAntenna (04/04/2002) I thought this was an interesting contrast of forms. This is taken from the parks complex on 4800 S 1660 E

HorsesHorses (04/04/2002) The parks near Creekside also serve as an equestrian area.

PlaygroundPlayground (04/04/2002) A small playground near the walk ways in this county park complex on 4800 South. The parents are eying the strange character holding a camera suspiciously.

PlaygroundPlayground (04/04/2002) This picture of the Playground has Mount Olympus in the background.

PondPond (04/04/2002) The park complex has a small riparian zone and pond.

Senior CenterSenior Center (04/04/2002) The trash cans all neatly set in a row.

Senior CenterSenior Center (04/04/2002) The senior center on 4800 South.

Senior CenterSenior Center (04/04/2002) The senior center in Holladay, Utah.

Fitness CenterFitness Center (04/04/2002) The facade of the fitness center.

Horse PropertyHorse Property (03/20/2013) Big Cottonwoood Park features some stately horse property.

1-29 Pictures

Creekside Park

Creekside Park is on the Murray-Holladay Road (4800 South) at 1660 East in Salt Lake City. The park features an 18 hold frisbee golf course, an events pavillion. Big [?] Cottonwood creek flows through the park.

The new Holladay-Lions Pool complex and Senior Center are on the north side of Murray-Holladay Road. This portion of the park complex features a walking area, ponds, and a corralled area for horses.

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