Carmen, Idaho

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Carmen SloughCarmen Slough (04/25/2002) Carmen is a small rural community in Central Idaho.

CarmenCarmen (04/25/2002) This is the road through the Carmen area of Central Idaho.

Carmen DriveCarmen Drive (04/25/2002) This is great road for a Sunday Drive or bike ride.

Carmen DriveCarmen Drive (04/25/2002) The pavement ends as the road forks.

WaterwheelWaterwheel (04/25/2002) A water wheel on the Carmen Slough.

CarmenCarmen (04/25/2002) The bridge works for me.

Toward the Salmon ValleyToward the Salmon Valley (04/25/2002) A storm moves across the Salmon Valley.

Country DriveCountry Drive (04/25/2002) A storm on the road through Carmen, Idaho.

BeaverheadBeaverhead (04/25/2002) A view of the mountains from Carmen, Idaho.

Winding RoadWinding Road (04/25/2002) I liked this curve sign marked by the depth of a storm over the Salmon Mountains.

Carmen IdahoCarmen Idaho (04/25/2002) This small post office serves to the argricultural valley of Carmen.

8346283462 (04/25/2002) This post office is all that you see of Carmen from highway 93.

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Carmen, Idaho

Carmen Idaho is a small rural community north of Salmon Idaho. All you see from Highway 93 is a small post office and the bubbling waters of the Carmen Slough. A small country road from the Post Office brings you through a valley with a number of scenic ranches. Unfortunately, it was raining during my trip; so I decided to turn around shortly after the end of the pavement.

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Salmon, Idaho (84 pictures) Salmon Idaho is a few miles south of Carmen.

Highway 93 (207 pictures) Carmen Idaho is on highway 93.

Salmon River (137 pictures) The Carmen Slough flows into the Salmon River.


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