Tendoy, Idaho

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Lewis and ClarkLewis and Clark (04/09/2002) The Lewis and Clark Expedition crossed the Continental Divide east of Tendoy and dropped down into what is now called the Lemhi River.

TendoyTendoy (04/09/2002)

TendoyTendoy (04/09/2002)

TendoyTendoy (04/09/2002) Tendoy is an agricultural town, with an occasional boom and bust as the mining industry ebss and flows.

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Named after an Indian Chief. Tendoy is a small rural community on the Lemhi River. It is near the location that Sacajawea was reunited with her tribe on the famous Lewis and Clark expedition (1805).

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State Highway 28 (38 pictures) Tendoy is on Idaho State Highway 28

Salmon, Idaho (84 pictures) Tendoy is about 20 miles south east of Salmon.

Leadore (4 pictures) Tendoy is 26 miles north east of Leadore.

Lewis and Clark (13 pictures) Tendoy is on the Lewis and Clark Trail. The Corps of Discovery passed through the region in August 1805.


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