Bigfork Montana

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Bjorge s Old Standard GalleryBjorge s Old Standard Gallery (05/01/2002) At the beginning of Electric Avenue. This gallery does a very good job integrating the slope of the hills with the layers of the gallery.

MotelMotel (05/01/2002)

The Bigfork BayThe Bigfork Bay (05/01/2002) That's it. That's Bigfork. It is an upscale artistic center for the state, nestled on the Swan River Bay of Flathead Lake.

Spring LeavesSpring Leaves (05/01/2002) Taken on the last day of April. We see the start of the Spring leaves as we look across the Big Fork Bay on Lake Flathead.

Lake FrontLake Front (05/01/2002) The Lake Front at Bigfork

Bjorge s Old Standard GalleryBjorge s Old Standard Gallery (05/01/2002) One of the 14 galleries in Big Fork. The town is well integrated with the Swan River Valley, taking advantage of the valley wall to create beautiful layered buildings.

Bigfork Villiage StepsBigfork Villiage Steps (05/01/2002) This sculpture marks the beginning of the Bigfork Villiage Steps. These steps connect the residential areas above Bigfork with the downtown.

Bigfork Villiage StepsBigfork Villiage Steps (05/01/2002) A very nice pleasant walk around the town.

Residential DistrictResidential District (05/01/2002) A picture from the top of the Villiage Steps.

Methodist ChurchMethodist Church (05/01/2002) The Bigfork Methodist Church.

TreeTree (05/01/2002)

From the Villiage StepsFrom the Villiage Steps (05/01/2002) Down the rail of the villiage steps.

Kootenai Center EntranceKootenai Center Entrance (05/01/2002)

Kootenai Center EntranceKootenai Center Entrance (05/01/2002)

Volunteer Fire DepartmentVolunteer Fire Department (05/01/2002) The city services are on Highway 35.

Big Fork VistaBig Fork Vista (05/01/2002) Looking North from Big Fork.

Swan RangeSwan Range (05/01/2002) North of Bigfork.

Around Flathead LakeAround Flathead Lake (05/01/2002) Driving on Highway 93 on the east end of Flathead Lake.

Bigfork PiersBigfork Piers (05/01/2002) The lake is low. These are the main piers at Bigfork, Montana.

Flathead LakeFlathead Lake (05/01/2002) Looking down at Flathead Lake from above Bigfork Montana.

61 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-60 , 60-61

Bigfork Montana is an art town on Flathead Lake in Western Montana. The town sports an impressive variety of galleries and is a popular vacation destination in the North West.

The main drag in Bigfork is Electric Avenue, which was one of the first streets in America lit up using hydroelectric power from the Bigfork Waterworks on the South side of town.

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Montana State (3 pictures) The big sky and grand vistas of Western Montana and Glacier invites both the innate talents of Montanans, and the world to Bigfork.

Flathead Lake (39 pictures) Bigfork is on the Swan River bay on the North East end of Flathead Lake.

Highway 93 (207 pictures) If you are traveling south on highway 93, you will want to take the detour to the east of Flathead Lake and visit the arts town of Bigfork, Montana. Bigfork is the art town of western Montana.


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