Flathead Lake

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U93 crossing Flathead Lake at PolsonU93 crossing Flathead Lake at Polson (10/25/2007) US 93 crossing Flathead Lake at Polson, Mt

Polson BridgePolson Bridge (10/25/2007) This long bridge on US93 spans a cove of Flathead Lake at Polson, Montana.

Recreation DockRecreation Dock (10/25/2007) This dock at Polson shelters a little swimming area for people who want to dip their toes in Flathead Lake. The image includes the US93 Bridge.

Flathead HousesFlathead Houses (10/25/2007) Houses line Flathead Lake near Polson, Montana.

Lake FlatheadLake Flathead (10/25/2007) Flathead Lake near Polson, Montana.

Flat Head LakeFlat Head Lake (05/01/2002) The first view of Flat Head Lake from U93

Flathead LakeFlathead Lake (10/25/2007) Flathead Lake near Poulson.

Flathead in MistFlathead in Mist (10/25/2007) Flathead Lake in a mist.

Bay on FlatheadBay on Flathead (10/25/2007) A bay on Flathead Lake.

Flathead LakeFlathead Lake (10/25/2007) Flathead Lake from US93

InletInlet (10/25/2007) An inlet on Flathead Lake

Lake walkwayLake walkway (10/25/2007) A walkway near Flathead Lake

Best Western PolsonBest Western Polson (10/25/2007) The Polson Best Western offers lodging on the South shores of Flathead Lake.

Swan River BaySwan River Bay (05/01/2002) The bay at Bigfork

Spring LeavesSpring Leaves (05/01/2002) Taken on the last day of April. We see the start of the Spring leaves as we look across the Big Fork Bay on Lake Flathead.

Lake FrontLake Front (05/01/2002) The Lake Front at Bigfork

Flathead LakeFlathead Lake (05/01/2002) Looking down at Flathead Lake from above Bigfork Montana.

Flathead LakeFlathead Lake (05/01/2002)

Flathead LakeFlathead Lake (05/01/2002) from Polson.

Flathead LakeFlathead Lake (05/01/2002) A picture of the Flat Head Lake from Polson.

39 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-39

Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake is a 28 mile long lake in Western Montana. It sits at the base of the Mission Mountains. The lake is about 2900 feet in elevation. The moisture from the lake helps maintain a temperate climate in the region, ideal for cherries and huckleberries. You will find many orchards around the lake.


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Bigfork Montana (61 pictures) Bigfork (Western Montana's art city) is on the north east end of the lake.

Highway 93 (207 pictures) Scenic Highway 93 passes on the west side of the lake. Highway 93 provides tourist provides panoramic views of the lake with the Mission and Swan Mountains in the background.

Missoula, Montana (62 pictures) The Lake is on Highway 93 (north of Missoula

Lakes (16 pictures) Pictures of other Lakes (mainly in the Mountain West.)

Polson, Montana (49 pictures) Polson is on the Southern end of Flathead Lake.


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