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ChesterfieldChesterfield (04/09/2002)

A few ripplesA few ripples (04/09/2002) It looks like there are a few ripples on the inner tube ride through town.

Portneuf RiverPortneuf River (04/09/2002)

Portneuf BridgePortneuf Bridge (04/09/2002)

Lava Hot Springs InnLava Hot Springs Inn (04/09/2002) It looks like you will catch a few ripples while tubing on the Portneuf.

PortneufPortneuf (04/09/2002) The upper chute on the Portneuf River in Lava Hot Springs.

RipplesRipples (04/09/2002)

Portneuf HeronPortneuf Heron (04/09/2002) A blue heron enjoys the Portneuf river before the tourist season fills the swimming holes with people.

Portneuf fallsPortneuf falls (04/09/2002) There are a few minor drops in the Portneuf river just east of Lava Hot Springs.

Serene water fallSerene water fall (04/09/2002) This is a serene gentle water fall east of town.

Water FallWater Fall (04/09/2002) A small water fall east of Lava Hot Springs.

Water FallWater Fall (04/09/2002)

Walk WayWalk Way (04/09/2002) A nice little walkway along the river. Unfortunately, the walk way was eroded out about 100 yards above this picture.

Portneuf ValleyPortneuf Valley (04/09/2002) Looking into the Portneuf Valley from US 30

Portneuf BridgePortneuf Bridge (04/09/2002) West of Lava Hot Springs.

Portneuf RiverPortneuf River (04/09/2002) Tubing the Portneuf River is a popular activity in Lava, you can rent tubes, and there is dedicated bus for shuttlers.

Retaining WallRetaining Wall (04/09/2002) A retaining wall with bench overlooks the Portneuf River.

White WaterWhite Water (04/09/2002) A little bit of white water on the Portneuf River.

1-18 Pictures

The Portneuf River is in Eastern Idaho. On the Hudspeth Cutoff of the Oregon Trail, US 40 joins the river in Lava Hot Springs, then joins I15 through Inkom and Pocatello. The river empties into the Snake.

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