Lava Hot Springs

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Hudspeth s CutoffHudspeth s Cutoff (04/09/2002) US 30 crosses Fish Creek Pass a little bit north of the Hudspeth cutoff. This cutoff became the main route for the Oregon Trail. Weary travellers would stop for a soak at Lava Hot Springs.

Lava at DuskLava at Dusk (04/09/2002) The picture is blurred. I loved the color of blue in the sky.

Lava at NightLava at Night (04/09/2002)

Lava at NightLava at Night (04/09/2002) Look down toward one of the spas at night. I need to increase the contrast--but don't have the right tools on hand right now.

Idaho LoteryIdaho Lotery (04/09/2002) Another night experiment

Lava at nightLava at night (04/09/2002) Another light experiment

Aura Soma-Abundance BooksAura Soma-Abundance Books (04/09/2002) The Aura Soma retreat has a nice set up with bookstore meditation center and lodge in Lava Hot Springs.

Portneuf RiverPortneuf River (04/09/2002) Tubing the Portneuf River is a popular activity in Lava, you can rent tubes, and there is dedicated bus for shuttlers.

Citizen CenterCitizen Center (04/09/2002) Interesting trails wind through the town, including this bridge the senior center.

Lava Walk WayLava Walk Way (04/09/2002) The walkways in Lava Hot Springs are lined with walls made of igneous blocks.

Retaining WallRetaining Wall (04/09/2002) A large retaining wall near the hot springs.

Lava ChutesLava Chutes (04/09/2002) Looks like a great deal of work went into building these chutes in the retaining walls. I imagine the design had water cascading along the wall.

Lava BricksLava Bricks (04/09/2002) These igneous block walls give Lava Hot Springs the feel of the ruins of an ancient castle.

Lava Hot Springs ParksLava Hot Springs Parks (04/09/2002) The town is dotted with parks. Someone felt it was quite important, however, to distinguish where east and west parks meet.

Park BridgePark Bridge (04/09/2002) The upper bridge across the Portneuf river.

Lava Hot Springs HotelsLava Hot Springs Hotels (04/09/2002) A stately inn near the springs.

Mountain ShoulderMountain Shoulder (04/09/2002) One of the mountain shoulders overlooking Lava Hot Springs. Highway 30 by passes the town on the North.

Retaining WallRetaining Wall (04/09/2002) A retaining wall with bench overlooks the Portneuf River.

FountainFountain (04/09/2002) A fountain near the spas.

Lava Hot SpringsLava Hot Springs (04/09/2002) Still pre season, I took a few shots of the spas as they wait for the summer tourists.

63 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-63

Lava Hot Springs is a resort community in Southern Idaho. It is situated on the Portneuf river between the ancient lava flows of the Snake River Basin and Yellowstone.

Lava Hot Springs first came to the world's attention when Benion Hudspeth chose to cross the Caribou mountains near Fish Creek Summit (on US 30). This became the favorite route for the 49er gold rushers in their pursuit of their California treasures.

Many weary travelers stopped at the Springs before continue their journey westward.

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Idaho State (5 pictures) Lava Hot Springs is a popular resort area in Idaho.

Portneuf (18 pictures) The town is on the Portneuf River. Vacationers tube down the river in the summer.

Highway 30 (13 pictures) The town is on Highway 30 between I15 and Soda Springs.


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