Shoshone Falls

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Shoshone Falls ParkShoshone Falls Park (03/10/2002) The Shoshone fall parks is a few miles east of Twin Falls. Although it is a fee park, there was no one to collect money in the winter.

Shoshone Falls DamShoshone Falls Dam (03/10/2002) The dam above the falls.

Slick SpotSlick Spot (03/10/2002) A small Springs sculpts some ice cycles and a slick spot on our drop into the Shoshone Falls view area.

Above the FallsAbove the Falls (03/10/2002)

Shoshone FallsShoshone Falls (03/10/2002) We can see the power plant and falls.

The trickle that remainsThe trickle that remains (03/10/2002) Even the small trickle of water the power plant and irregations systems failed to claim make for an impressive water fall.

Ice FallsIce Falls (03/10/2002) Ice clings to the cliffs. Apparently this whole area turns into a water fall during the Spring.

Power PlantPower Plant (03/10/2002) Shoshone Falls is one of the impressive water drops in the US. Idaho Power diverts most of the water trhough turbines. There is a diversion dam above Twin Falls that divert a good portion of the Snake as well.

Obsidian CliffsObsidian Cliffs (03/10/2002) These lava cliffs towering over the Snake River bottom looks like an inviting playground. Unfortunately it was fenced off.

Lava CliffsLava Cliffs (03/10/2002) The snake river cuts through lava flows, making for some interesting layering.

PanoramaPanorama (03/10/2002) Just add some water, and the falls will live up to their reputation.

Hidden ArchHidden Arch (03/10/2002) This little natural is hidden away near The Twin Falls.

Rock ChuckRock Chuck (03/10/2002) A rock chuck scurrying around the Twin Falls overview.

Lava ButteLava Butte (03/10/2002) A lava butte near the Twin Falls over look

Twin FallsTwin Falls (03/10/2002) This is the remaining falls in the Twin Falls drop. Most of the water is diverted for irrigation or power generation.

Twin Falls DamTwin Falls Dam (03/10/2002) The Twin Falls. One of the Falls was dammed for power generation.

Twin Falls ParkTwin Falls Park (03/10/2002) The road leading to the Twin Falls park.

Ice WallIce Wall (03/10/2002) An Ice Wall near the Twin Falls power station.

Twin FallsTwin Falls (03/10/2002) The surviving falls at Twin Falls.

ReservoirReservoir (03/10/2002) The dam at Twin Falls. Apparently during the Spring run off, the run off simply spills over the dam and the falls run at full glory.

Twin Falls LakeTwin Falls Lake (03/10/2002) The lake above the Twin Falls Dam.

1-21 Pictures

Shoshone Falls on the Snake River near Twin Falls, Idaho have a 212 foot drop. It is often referred to as the Niagara of the West. The Idaho Power Company built a diversion and use the drop for generating electricity. As a result you only see the spetactular water running over the falls at certain times of the year.

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Snake River (14 pictures) Shoshone Falls is on the Snake River

Twin Falls, Idaho (18 pictures) The Shoshone and Twin Falls are due east of Twin Falls.

Interstate 84 (56 pictures) Travellers on i84 should plan a stop at the Shoshone and Twin Falls on the Snake. Especially if you are travelling in the Spring.


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