Twin Falls, Idaho

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Twin Falls BridgeTwin Falls Bridge (03/10/2002) The walk way to the Twin Falls Bridge overview

Perrine Memorial BridgePerrine Memorial Bridge (03/10/2002) The first Perrine Memorial Bridge was open in 1927. It towered 475 feet above the Snake River Canyon, and was the highest bridge in existence at the time. The old bridge was replaced in 1974 with this new two lane bridge.

Crooked PictureCrooked Picture (03/10/2002) A crooked picture by a crooked photographer

Paul Petzoldt, Mountain ClimbingPaul Petzoldt, Mountain Climbing (03/10/2002) Paul Petzoldt, mountain climber, learned beginning skills not far from this spot. His family's farm was nearby. About 1915, age 8 or 9, he first climbed down and up by himself. Paul died in 1999 at the age of 91.

Snake River ValleySnake River Valley (03/10/2002) There are some interesting communities in the bottom of the canyon.

View AreaView Area (03/10/2002) A nice little view area. There is no way that you can visit Twin Falls without taking the time to walk around the bridge.

StairsStairs (03/10/2002) The stairway between the parking lot and view area.

BASE JumpersBASE Jumpers (03/10/2002) The Twin Falls bridge is a popular destination for Base Jumpers. If you see a person walking out on the bridge with a back pack you should run and get ready to take some pictures. I wasn't in an ideal spot here.

BASE JumperBASE Jumper (03/10/2002) A second shot of a Twin Falls BASE jumper.

BASE JumpersBASE Jumpers (03/10/2002) The jumpers only get a few seconds of glide time before they land on the side of the river.

View AreaView Area (03/10/2002) The view areas around the Twin Falls bridge are made of igneous rock surrounding the area.

Snake RiverSnake River (03/10/2002) The Snake River Canyon near Twin Falls.

Bridge SpanBridge Span (03/10/2002) As I recall, this is the Veterans Memorial Bridge. If you are visiting Twin Falls, you will want take the full loop and see both bridges spanning the canyon.

Snake River BridgeSnake River Bridge (03/10/2002) Every town needs one of these.

Snake RiverSnake River (03/10/2002) Looking up the Snake River from the Twin Falls Bridge. Evel Knevil's failed rocket blast across the river was around the bend somewhere.

Twin Falls BridgeTwin Falls Bridge (03/10/2002) A panorama of the bridge.

Shoshone Falls ParkShoshone Falls Park (03/10/2002) The Shoshone fall parks is a few miles east of Twin Falls. Although it is a fee park, there was no one to collect money in the winter.

Snake RiverSnake River (03/10/2002) Looking down the Snake River from Twin Falls Overlook

1-18 Pictures

Twin Falls, Idaho sits on the rim of the Snake River gorge. It is in the center of the Snake River Planes, which is one of the richest agricultural valleys in the United States. The town also attracts attention from tourists who want to stop an visit scenic Twin Falls, and Shosone Falls.

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Shoshone Falls (21 pictures) Visitors to the Twin Falls should plan a day excursion to Twin Falls and Shoshone Falls.

Interstate 84 (56 pictures) Twin Falls is about 8 miles south of i84. Lying between the town and Interstate is the spectacular Snake River Gorge.

Highway 93 (207 pictures) U93 heads north and south. It crosses the Snake River Gorge at the spectacular Perrine Memorial Bridge.

Snake River (14 pictures) Twin Falls is on the Rim of the Snake River Gorge. The snake river has two spectacular drops just east of town: Shoshone Falls and the Twin Falls.


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